Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've gone seasonal

This is about as seasonal as I get. A local shop asked if I could make some Halloween themed pieces so I found some cute tiny buttons, made some molds and came up with these bats and ghosts. I'm not usually one to do seasonal things (outside of hearts which are all year round) but I love bats (I make Happy Bat all year long) and the ghosts are kind of funny, so here they are.

They are TINY! And making tiny things isn't really that fun (truthful confession) so I don't see myself cranking out a caveload of these little beasts. I will, however, take special orders for them - so if you would like some bat or ghost earrings just send me an email ( and let me know what colors you want (all my usual glaze colors apply). They will be $12 a pair for my blog readers only! (I will retail them for $15 so just think of the savings ;)


Unknown said...

Super cute! I love these little guys!!

Katie said...

I love the little ghosties! Super cute :o)

Silver Parrot said...

These are really cute!