Friday, April 29, 2011

Color tunnel vision

Porcelain Bird and Glass Bead Neckalce

Do you ever find yourself having color tunnel vision? I do. This week has been all about golden yellows and turquoise/copper greens. I didn't realize I was doing this until I was packing everything up for the show I have this weekend.

Porcelain Earrings

The funny part is that yellow has always been my least favorite color until very recently. I love it now and I don't know why. I'm not sure what has changed. Maybe I've grown up. Yellow is for big girls.

Chunky CHUNK Ceramic Bracelet

I hope others like this color combination as much as I do. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EXTRA Shop Preview - Update Tomorrow!

Porcelain jewelry components

I have a beautiful batch of goodies for y'all! The update in my Extra shop will be tomorrow, Thursday, at noon EST.

First up is this lovely group of pendants/connectors (above) with a bamboo leaf print. I just love how crisp and clear the design is - it took the glaze very well - each one is a little work of art!

Porcelain jewelry components

These pedants look a little like an upside down fleur de lis. They would make a lovely little focal drop from a multi-strand necklace.

Porcelain jewelry components

This group has a ferris wheel design stamped in the center. Very fun and summertime-ish!

Porcelain jewelry components

A small pile of large Aztec inspired shards.

Porcelain jewelry components

These little pretties are from my own jewelry line. They feature a gorgeous trumpet flower motif and would be prefect for a romantic girly-girl necklace.

Porcelain jewelry components

This is the last batch. Large, bold pendants/connectors. They have a very old, woodcut type of feel to them. Perfect for making a medieval inspired piece to wear to the renaissance fair! (I've always wanted to do that... have you ever been to a renaissance fair?)

So there you have it! The update will start at noon, EST, tomorrow (Thursday!) in my Extra shop. To see the pieces as they go up please visit my Facebook page. Hope to see you there! :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Printing inspirations

Hayne Bayless handbuilt plate

I've been sleeping for the past week. Forgive my absence. The sinus infection that I've had for the past 75 years migrated to my ears and left me feeling drunk and dizzy without any of the fun that can be had when being drunk and dizzy. Anyhoo... I'm feeling a bit better and thought I should get back in the blogging game.

I've had the pleasure of attending two fantastic pottery workshops over the past month. One with Forrest Lesch Middleton and another with Hayne Bayless. Though they work in very different ways (Forrest is a thrower and Hayne is a handbuidler) they both shared some surface printing techniques that got my brain spinning. The above plate was made by Hayne and shows his stencil printing technique.

Forrest Lesch-Middleton pottery

These pieces were made by Forrest and show his silkscreen printing technique. (That awesome little cup is now my number one sangria drinking vessel. Love it!)

Printing on Porcelain

This rather poor quality photo (only had my cell phone with me) shows my first experiment with a stencil design. I gave my friend, Ilene, a pattern and she cut out a stencil with her fancy cutting machine (I will be getting one of those magical machines the first chance I can!). I cut out all kinds of shapes and am very anxious to see how they glaze and fire. Can't wait!

In other news, I've been working on a lot of new things. New jewelry and new components will be coming up by the end of the week. Look for a component update on Thursday in my Extra shop. I'm also going to be posting info on special ordering OWL pendants. I know many of you have not been able to get them so I will be breaking my own rule and will be taking special orders for them. I'll let you know how that will take place very soon. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Winter Enchantment.... in Spring!

Beaded Watch

Yes, it is April, it is Spring, and I am just now getting around to showing you my ArtBeads Winter Enchantment blog partner piece. I'm what I like to call.... slow.

Anyhoo, I LOVE what I made, so that must count for something, right?

Beaded Watch

It all started with this watch face, (I'm all about making watches now so look out! ) and these luster finished Czech glass beads.

Beaded Watch

Once I started to build the watch I realized that the Winter theme wasn't really sticking around.... I was choosing greens and plums instead of icy blues and grays. Oh well. For me it's all about the passing of time - waiting for Winter to end - longing for Spring.

Beaded Watch

Along with the watch face and the Czech beads I added several of my own handmade porcelain beads and one glorious lampwork egg made by my friend, Kelley, of Kelley's Beads.

Beaded Watch

Making this piece has fueled my interest in making more watches, for sure. has a lot to choose from but most of them are out of stock as the moment. (hmmm, these ARE hot at the moment!). So hurry up, Artbeads, and get some more in stock so I can feed my new addiction!! Please. ;)

This watch can be found in my shop. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's try this again!

I'm back online! Yay!
I have no idea why I lost my connection but I am very happy to be in business sooner than I expected. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts.

Anyhoo, I will resume the Extra shop update tomorrow starting at noon. There are still crowns, shards and owls left. I will still stagger the remaining owls throughout the later part of the day so expect one batch after noon at some point and then a few more later on, into the evening.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lost my internet connection!


I lost my internet connection while in the middle of my Extra update. Verizon is telling me that it will be anywhere from several hours to a day before the line is fixed. I will let you all know when I can resume the update as soon as I can.

So sorry!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

EXTRA Shop Preview - Update Wednesday!


This week's update will be a small one. Just owls and some other repeat pieces. I have been sick, once again, with a nasty cold this past week and have been moving in slow motion to say the least, so I didn't get as many pieces made as I would have liked.

I am going to list the owls in a different way this time around. I will be putting them up in small batches at random times through the day, starting early and ending late. That way (I am hoping) everyone that wants one will be able to get one. I made a lot, hopefully too many. :)

To know when they are listed be sure to check out my Facebook page. I give alerts once each batch is up so that is the best way to keep track of what's going on.

Yesterday's Bird

I made several more of the Yesterday's Bird pendants. These will go up starting at noon.

Pocelian crowns

Some more crowns, for those who missed out last time.


These are the only new pieces I made this time around. They are rather large shards in a nice bold design.

OK, so to recap: The owls will be listed in several small batches throughout the day tomorrow. The rest of the pieces will go up as usual starting at noon, my time. Hope this all makes sense, my brain is a little cloudy these days. :)

Links: Facebook page and RoundRabbit Extra Shop

Friday, April 8, 2011

Competing with the past

Porcelain Necklace Trio

Today I was rummaging around my stash looking for pieces to make some new necklaces with and I came across these three pendants. I made them over three years ago and promptly put them in my "archive" thinking that I would get around to using them at some point. Obviously I never did, which is typical for me. So, when I came across them today I had several thoughts...

Handbuilt Porcelain Pendant

Thought #1: I really like that rusty red/brown glaze. I remember that it was a test and for some reason I never used it again. I hope the recipe is still floating around somewhere...

Handbuilt Porcelain Pendant

Thought #2: I was much more ambitious three years ago. Or perhaps I should say I was "differently" ambitious. I am still ambitious, just in different ways.

Handbuilt Porcelain Pendant

Thought #3: While handbuilding this type of pendant is very time-consuming nothing more needs to be done in the way of a necklace design. No beads or other embellishment is necessary, in fact, they look best just placed on a simple neck ring. So... are they really more work or are they actually less work????

Perhaps the thoughts that struck me the most were these: How has my work progressed since this time? Has it? Was I better three years ago? What have a I learned during those three years?

I have no idea how to answer those questions but I am going to do some serious pondering over them. Have you ever looked at your older work and wondered if you are a better artist now than you were then?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Face-down Tuesday - 4.5.11

Face-down Tuesday 4.5.11

A nice creepy Happy Face-down Tuesday to one and all! I love the moody lighting and eerie feeling of this shot. There is something very soothing about looking dead. I know that couldn't possibly sound any more macabre and I don't mean to make it sound like I wish I was dead. I don't! I like living! But.... there is a side to me that really digs crime scene photography (was actually going to write my thesis on the topic) and this captures that feeling.

So anyhoo (now that I have completely weirded you all out)... that's my Face-down Tuesday for ya! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

EXTRA Shop Preview - Update Monday!


Here's a quick preview of the Extra shop update that will take place on MONDAY at noon (EST). Some of you may recall these pretty flower pendants from a while ago. My friend, Lorelei, used one in a necklace that is now in Stringing Magazine (I believe, hope that is right) and I have had some requests so I made up a batch. They differ from the originals just a little, mostly because I couldn't really remember just how I did the originals. So this set has a different number of holes in different places, but it is basically the same thing.


Pretty cherry blossom pendants/connectors. They have three holes across one side which creates interesting design options.






And lastly, these are very ornate and fancy pendants. A little larger so they really make a great focal .

OK, that is all for now. It's a much smaller update than usual but I think it is a smashing little group of pretties.

Hope to see you in the Extra shop on Monday at noon! Now, I am off to bed. Had a good first day of the show and I am beat beyond words. Cannot wait to connect with my pillow. Sleep! Yay!