Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The love affair with looooooong continues...

Athena Earrings - Porcelain & Sterling

So, I had a dream a little while ago about making these earrings. I love it when that happens. It reduces my need to think too hard.
I've played around with this sort of crescent shape on and off over the years but I have never combined it with such fabulously long ear wires before.

Athena Earrings - Porcelain & Sterling

They measure about 3 1/2" in length. That's long! I used sterling silver wire and then oxidized it to a lovely darker tone. This indigo pair can be found in my Etsy shop here.

Long Athena Earrings - Porcelain & Sterling

This black and white pair can be found here.

And this goofy, grainy shot gives you an idea of just how fabulously long they are! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

EXTRA shop update WEDNESDAY at noon! Feb. 29th!

Butterfly Love - Porcelain Jewelry Components

I'm having a smaller than usual update this Wednesday, February 29th. It's Leap Year! How about that?!

Butterfly Love - Porcelain Jewelry Components

I am having a total butterfly obsession these days. Not sure what that is all about but I can't seem to stay away from butterflies. I spend way too much time on Pinterest looking for butterflies to pin to my board...that may have something to do with it. Anyhoo, I am particularly fond of these large heart pendants. They will definitely make a show-stopping necklace and I will be making more of these all for myself. ;)

Fancy Footballs - Porcelain jewelry components

These fun football shaped pendants/connectors feature one of my favorite patterns at the moment. I can't stop using it on everything. It reminds me of a wedding cake, which reminds me of just cake in general, which makes me very happy. Cake is my friend.

Sugar Cubes - Porcelain Beads

The final batch of pieces for this week's update are these wonderful sugar cube beads. As many of you know I don't make traditional hole-through-the-middle beads very often. They are a lot of work, quite honestly, and every time I make them I tell myself never to make them again. How-some-ever (now there's a phrase that needs to make a come-back!), I LOVE using them in my own work. When I made these bracelets last week I realized that I needed more large-holed here we go! I could eat these, they look so good! They will be sold in mixed sets of four (I think).

So there you have it! All these goodies will go in the shop on Wednesday (Feb. 29th) at noon EST. One batch will go up every 20 minutes so that means that this update will go quickly since there are only three different batches. Watch the action on Facebook or just check out the shop. Hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bracelet love

Porcelain & Leather Bracelets

Some of you may remember the bracelet I made for a giveaway a little while ago. I really liked that design a lot so I decided to make a nice little pile of them.

Porcelain & Leather Bracelets

Six of them, to be exact. They can all be found in my shop. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scribble earrings to the max!

Scribble Earrings

It's been ages since I've made any earrings, especially something that doesn't involve porcelain. I've been hoarding these incredible titanium coated labradorite stones for going on two years (!) and I finally decided to do something with a few of them.

Scribble Earrings

So I made these giant earrings! They are 4 inches long! I love them.

Sterling and Labradorite

Made entirely of oxidized sterling silver and titanium coated labradorite. They can be found in my Etsy shop. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

EXTRA shop update MONDAY at noon!

I put a bird on it. Porcelain pedants

The place:
The date: Monday, February 13th, 2012
The time: Noon, EST

Having an update! Woo-hoo!!
I put a bird on it. Yes I did. :)

Reversable porcelain pendants - glossy side

I'm a little more than extra/crazy/super excited about these pendants. They are REVERSIBLE!! Yes, you read that correctly. Reversible. The photo above shows one side - the glossy, colorful side...

Reversable porcelain pendants - matte side

And this photo above shows the reverse, matte side. Cool, huh? I think so. I squealed a little when I made them, to be honest. I was THAT excited.

Porcelian jewelry components

These cute little tiles will be sold in sets.

Porcelain Pendants

I just love this folk arty style floral pendant.

More Starry Nights

And... I made more Starry Night pieces!! Hope you guys still want em...cause I made em... ;)

To recap:
The place:
The date: Monday, February 13th, 2012
The time: Noon, EST
Watch the listings go up one group at a time on Facebook:

Hope to see you there!