Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EXTRA shop update FRIDAY at noon!

Bee Beads!

I have made the bees once again! Yay! To those who are fairly new to my components, I made these pillow bee beads early last year. I don't repeat too many designs but I loved these so much so I thought I would make them again. So here they be(e).

Porcelain hearts

Since Valentine's Day is approaching I had to load up on hearts. I love to make hearts so this time of year gives me an excuse to go crazy. These hearts above are nice and chunky and full of heart goodness.

Porcelain hearts

Open hearts!

Porcelain hearts

Small heart pendants!

Porcelain hearts

These little cuties come in a pair and are the perfect size for earrings.

Porcelain Flower Power

Lastly, I made these large flower pendants! I love the almost cartoon quality (in the most sophisticated cartoon way, of course...) of these pieces. I also love the way some of my latest glaze experiments came out. Fun fun!

The place:
The date: Friday, January 20th.
The time: 12:00 EST
Watch the action on Facebook:

Hope to see you all there! :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's SALE time!!!

Black porcelain earrings

It's been so long since I've had a sale in my jewelry shop that I thought, "Dang it! I need to have a sale!"
So I am.
25% off any and all purchases in the shop.
Use the coupon code PARTYINJANUARY2012 to take advantage.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

God is in the details

Winter Seneca

On Saturday I found myself with some time on my hands. The weather was unbelievably mild and I was near Lodi Point on Seneca Lake. So that's where I went. I had the place to myself. It was a perfect day.

Winter Sky

The sun shone brightly and the sky was emerald blue. (That's an extra special blue only visible on perfect days.)

Winter on Seneca Lake

This lake is enchanted. Of this, I am sure.

Ghost me and a tree - shadows

The ghost version of me posed with the ghost version of a tree.

Rocks on Seneca Lake

Treasures are hidden within these piles of rocks.

Rock candy.

A winter day on Seneca Lake

I found beauty in everything.

These shores gave me hours of quiet adventure.

Lake Beach Loot

Found treasure!

Lake Beach Loot

Water-worn bones, rocks and walnuts...

Lake Beach Loot

Smooth brick, flat black stones, rusted metal and crab claws...

Lake Beach Loot

Old pottery shards, striped rocks and beach glass...

I own this beach!

It was a perfect day. In every way.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Extra Shop Update - Monday the 9th!

Starry Night Porcelain Jewelry Components

The event: Round Rabbit Extra shop update.
The place:
The date: Monday, January 9th 2012
The time: Noon EST

I'm a little excited about this batch of pieces. I think it is one of my best. I am especially thrilled with these Starry Night pieces. I wasn't sure if I would be able to glaze them the way I had envisioned...but I was, and I did, and I'm tickled pink over the results! They measure in at just under 2" in diameter and have a hole in each point. Versatility, baby!


How fun are these, I ask you?! They are big donut style pendants measuring 2" in diameter. They will make a great focal for a spring or summer necklace.




I only made four of these...


...but I made a ton of these. Many more than pictured. Over 20, actually. I was on a roll...


These are crazy versatile! A hole on either end and a big window in the middle! I mean, really!


Butterfly embossed pendants.


Rosa embossed pendants.


Great shapes and one of my favorite textures. I could use this texture of everything and never grow tired of it!


Lastly, I have these very cool and large (over 2 1/4" in diameter!) pendants. I must have spring on the brain cause I can't get enough flowers!

Just to recap...
The event: Round Rabbit Extra shop update.
The place:
The date: Monday, January 9th 2012
The time: Noon EST
If you would like to see the batches as I list them you can watch on Facebook, right here.
(Just in case you are new to shopping in my Extra shop...everything doesn't go up all at once at noon. I list each batch of designs one at a time.)

Hope you see you all there! And please spread the word! :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Earring love

A very cold me in my studio

Hi there. Here I am. Freezing in my studio. It's cold here in NY. Due to the rather large nature of my house and the fact that it costs me a small fortune to heat, I keep my studio a little on the cold side. Usually I can handle it and keep myself warm with a pot of tea and a few space heaters, but these past few days have been just a little too cold. So, I'm whining. Forgive me.

Cathedral Windows - Porcelain Earrings

In other news...I've been making a lot of earrings. I love to make earrings. This pair is very long (2 1/2") and very elegant.

Starry Night Porcelain Earrings

Starry Night, baby! Few people know this about me but I have a collection of van Gogh's Starry Night paintings. And by collection I mean I have about 18 hand painted versions of the original - some are fantastic, others look like they were painted by a blind 3 year old. One of these days I will hang them all up and take a picture. In the meantime I have made these earrings! (and just wait until you see the Starry Night components I have made for my next Extra update!...)

Modern Relic - Porcelain earrings

I call this pair Modern Relics. They look old and rusty and feature a layering technique that I've been working on.

Victorian Acanthus - Porcelain Earrings

This acanthus design is one of my old favorites. This time I put them on my new favorite long ear wire design. It's amazing how you can breathe new life into something by making a simple change...

Porcelain Earrings - Cottage Medallions

Lastly I will share with you this colorful pair. Yellow porcelain and contrasting poppy red...delish!

All of these earrings can be found in my shop! :)

Tune in tomorrow when I will post a preview of my next Extra shop update (which will take place on Monday, the 9th at noon).