Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Creative Compatibility

Several days ago I received an Etsy convo from my friend, Abbey. Many years ago, or what now feels like many years ago, Abbey was the one and only employee of my stained glass mosaic business. Together we filled wholesale orders that were sent to various galleries and shops all over the east coast. The funny thing is I don't remember actually working. I mean, I know we worked, I know we somehow accomplished this act, but what stands out in my mind are the two hour lunch breaks, the dollar store visits and the endless conversations about how most objects look better in collected groups. It was wonderful to work with someone who saw the creative side of everything, as Abbey did (and still does). And though I was never one for collaboration I was lucky enough to experience what I like to call "creative compatibility" with her. Creative compatibility is an amazing thing - thoughts are bounced around, design is called into play, everything is inspiring and possible and suddenly a rubber duck collection becomes art.

Years have passed since Abbey and I worked together. Both of our lives have undergone some significant changes, but art remains the constant. Seeing her name in my Etsy mail box had the same inspirational effect on me as working with her did. Visiting her Etsy shop, reading her excellent blog, looking through her flickr images - just seeing her creativity march on reminds me to give my own a kick in the pants.