Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bleach IS my friend!

It's been an overwhelming week. I've been working in high survivor mode for a while now but today I'm feeling reality set in. I shouldn't sit still for too long because my mind starts to take over and things get a little too hard to handle. For the most part I am doing well. I have wonderful friends and family who are helping me in so many ways. I have received so many emails, texts and messages from people expressing support and offering to help. I haven't been able to write everyone back just yet but please know that it has been these messages that have kept me hopeful and focused.

The photo above shows the scene in front of my house as of yesterday. That has all come out of my basement and there is more to come. Again, I just keep reminding myself how lucky I am compared to the entire rest of my town. Though I live right across the street from the Susquehanna River my part of Front Street is just a slightly higher elevation than most of the rest of town. The houses behind me on Main street have water half way up. Many houses will have to be bulldozed. I'm still trying to get my head around this idea - that this has happened in my hometown - to my friends and neighbors. My heart just keeps breaking.

The damage to my house is still being assessed. There are sink holes in the parts of my basement that have a dirt floor and there is damage to part of the stone foundation at the back of the house. The furnace is most likely dead as is the hot water heater. These things are fixable though a little overwhelming to think about at the moment. At least I still have a house, and my rabbits are fine. And thank God nothing happened to my Pee-wee Herman collection! ;)

For those who have asked how they can help me I will point you in the direction of a donation page that my brother has put together. It is very hard for me to ask for help. I am usually the kind of person that tries to fix everything myself and not draw attention to my troubles, but my pride seems to have receded with the flood waters and I am now realizing that if people want to offer me help I am willing to graciously take it. Thank you so much to those who have already donated. With your help I will be able to get back on my feet as soon as possible. I don't know how I will be able to thank everyone enough, but I will think of something.

I also want to thank my dear friend Lorelei. She is donating a portion of her jewelry sales to me. I cried when I saw that she was doing this. I really can't believe what amazing friends I have....and now I'm crying again.

OK. I better stop here. Time to get back to the mud and bleach. I used to hate the smell of bleach and now it's the most welcome smell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Water is not my friend

As many of you know there has been extensive flooding in much of the north east. This photo is of my town, Owego, NY. My house can be seen on the left hand side of this photo, across the street from the river. It's the second to the last house with the black roof. I was alone on Thursday, the 8th of September, as the water surrounded my house creating an island. My basement filled, stopping within a foot of my first floor. Part of my porch has been washed away. There will be no power for who knows how long. In other words, things kind of suck at the moment.

I managed to get out of town on Friday and will return today to see just what I am dealing with. I am one of the "lucky" ones, however, and I realize this with great amounts of survivor's guilt. So many of my neighbors have lost much more. I have lost my kiln and the studio where I work in Binghamton has also been destroyed so at this particular place in time I am out of business. This is a fairly terrifying reality.

To those who have made purchases with me, I will be shipping your orders just as soon as I can.

Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed concern and offered to help. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of it. Your kindness has kept me going over the past few days. Once I get an idea of what I need and what needs to be done I will let everyone know.