Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discus Longs

Discus Longs - Earrings

I've been making earrings in my Discus series for several years now. All that really means is that I take round porcelain pieces and see how many different ways I can use them in an earring design. Nothing too groundbreaking, for sure, but fun for me nonetheless.

I really like this new style a lot. I had the idea for the ear wire yesterday and dreamed about it all night long. Once I awoke I got to work and happily they worked out just as I had planned.

Discus Longs in Cobalt - Earrings

Very simple and modern. I gave the sterling a nice oxidized finish and tumbled them for that lovely warm and weathered look.
I have listed a few pairs in the shop today and will probably put the rest in tomorrow.

In other news... I have my first show of the season this weekend. I am under stocked and underexcitied (new word!) to say the least. I am still not over my show burnout from last year. I am cutting my shows this year by half in an effort to not become a bitter old whiny craft show hater. I know doing shows is an exciting thing for those new to doing shows, so I really don't want to be a killjoy. However....... keep your day job.
Just kidding! Kind of! ;)

Anyhoo, I am thinking about doing an Extra shop update on Monday. I have a small batch of things ready to go but I think Monday will be the soonest I can do it. I'll try to preview tomorrow before I leave for the show set-up. And to those who have wondered, I WILL be making more owls!!! I realize that many of you who wanted one did not get one in the last update. So, I am currently making approximately 500,000 and hopefully that will do it. They should be ready next week (not in the next update). Stay tuned...

Friday, March 25, 2011

The ears have it


I warned you that there would be more earrings... and there are! Woo-hoo!
I love this pair. Just love them. I cannot get enough of this lavender!!


This is an older design with a new look. (yep, this was my Art Deco link in my last Extra update. Good eye, you!)


Gorgeous cherry blossoms! I have done a few variations with this design, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


Ornate ovals in Delft blue. So pretty!


And lastly, this is another variation on this gorgeous pair. I had fun with this design.. so many options and all so beautiful. :)

They can all be found in the shop.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Face-down Tuesday - 3.22.11

Face-down Tuesday  - 3.22.11

Another Tuesday in the studio, another face down shot in an awkward position. This time around I noticed that there was some empty space on the student's shelving so I maneuvered myself into position and thankfully Dani was there to take the shots. There is no way I could have set the timer and gotten on those shelves in time!

Face-down Tuesday  - 3.22.11

I couldn't decide on a shot so there are two different angles this week.

Face-down Tuesday  - 3.22.11

Dani thought she was pretty funny taking shots of me as I tried to get into position. It wasn't that easy, but anything for art, right? (did I just call Face-down Tuesday ART? Hmmmm, that might be stretching it a bit...)

Monday, March 21, 2011

EXTRA Shop Preview - Update Wednesday!


This will be short and to the point. I've had one doozie of a headache all day so I am a woman of few words tonight. I'll just show you some pretty things, tell you that I am having an Extra shop update on WEDNESDAY at noon, and then I will go to bed. :)

Up top are those gorgeous HUGE focal pieces I showed you a few days ago. They came out perfectly. I am so pleased! I may have to keep one for myself...


These are medium sized connectors. Very Art Deco and highly detailed.


This batch is a bunch of pretty pendants. Love the detail!


The return of the owls!! Trust me, THIS really will be the last time I make these. :)


These cute little connectors will be sold in sets.


And finally, this is my own (from my own jewelry line) Yesterday's Bird in a pendant/connector. This is one of my best selling designs in my own jewelry so I am sure it will certainly be a hit in yours!

OK, bed time for me. Remember, the update will be at noon EST on WEDNESDAY in the Extra shop. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earrings X 3


You will have to bear with me over the next week or so. I had a wonderful batch of earrings come out the kiln today and I must share them with you all, so I will be inundating the blog with earrings for a while. This is the first trio that I completed today.

Above is a new design of which I made several variations.


This is an older design that I haven't used in quite some time. I'm not sure why since it is so beautiful and looks especially wonderful left unglazed with only black to bring out the design. I am so obsessed with unglazed porcelain at the moment.


This lovely little birdy pair is part of the light bulb moment I had last week. I have made a pendant with this design for several years and it only JUST occurred to me how I could isolate the bird and make it into earrings. Seriously. That is why it went from being an Ah-ha moment to a Duh(!) moment in a just a matter of seconds.

Ah, live and learn...

Anyhoo, I will be putting all three pairs in the Etsy shop in the morning. AND, I will be posting an Extra shop preview tomorrow as well. And let me tell you... this batch is a real humdinger! So much pretty stuff I can hardly stand it. I am going to be updating the Extra shop on Wednesday. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

In the green(ware)

Porcelain Greenware

I've been working like mad this week, trying to get ahead while feeling like I am just falling more behind. I hate that feeling. My body tells me that I am working too much but my mind tells me that nothing is ever enough. I am behind in shipping, haven't even started an article that is due on Monday and I need to glaze all that you see in the photo above tomorrow. I don't like to whine and I try to keep that to a minimum, but..... boo hoo.

OK. Enough.

Porcelain Greenware

As you can see, I have a lot of great pieces in the works for my next update. Some of you may recognize this large focal from Bead Soup a few weeks ago. I sent my partner, Barbara Lewis, one and she made an amazing necklace with it. A lot of people asked if I would be offering them, so here they are! They are quite large and quite a statement piece but oh so beautiful.

Porcelain greenware

I said I would never makes these guys again and here I am, making them. I had to make one to replace one that was broken so I figured that I might as well make a bunch. I know there are some of you out there who have wanted one, so here is your chance. Probably the last chance. ;)

Porcelain greenware

This sweet bird pendant comes out of my own line. I call it Yesterday's Bird.

Porcelain greenware beads

I only made one group of two-sided beads this time around. They are a bit labor intensive, to be honest, and I am not entirely sure I can price them where they need to be and still have people buy them. Does that make any sense? People outside of ceramics might not realize how much time goes into making pieces, especially when it comes to the way I glaze. Pricing can be difficult...

So anyhoo, that is a small preview of what I am up to. I hope to have them all glazed and fired by Monday and possible put in the Extra shop sometime next week. We shall see. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Face-down Tuesday - 3.15.11

Face-down Tuesday - 3.15.11

I am running out of places to go face-down at the studio. This was the shot I was trying to avoid. It just seems so cliche. Well, as cliche as being face-down in a kiln can be. But people tell me it's a good one, so I am going to go with that. It is pretty funny, I will admit. There was an even better outtake but it was a bit too, how shall I say, bootylicious. It was very funny but in a "Wow, look at the size of your ass" kind of way. I can be self deprecating at times, but not THAT self-deprecating. Even for a laugh.

Anyhoo, my day in the studio went from being just so-so to being fantastic. I had a real light bulb moment that was quickly followed by a real Duh moment. As in "It took me how many years to figure this out? Duh!" But it was all good and I can't wait to finish up my new things. I wish I didn't have to wait! I've been very impatient lately and that is really not a behavior that is compatible with pottery. I must have Spring fever!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Can porcelain get any more exciting?

Porcelain Earrings - Radiant Sunflower in Teal

Some of you may recall that I played around with some colored porcelain a few weeks ago. Well, I took some of the results out of the kiln and I think it is safe to say... I'm in love! I tried two different colors to start and just used different underglazes on them to see what kind of effects I could get. The pair above are made from teal porcelain and white underglaze.

Porcelain Earrings - Secret Garden in Lavender and Black

This is a lovely dark and broody pair made from lavender porcelain and black underglaze. I have always loved this design and seeing it in this color combination makes me love it even more.

Porcelain Earrings - Honeysuckle in Lavender

This pair was made with the same lavender clay but I used white underglaze instead. It's amazing how different the clay can look with such a simple change.

Porcelain Earrings - Lots O Dots in Teal and Purple

Here is another pair made with the teal clay and dark purple underglaze. Gorgeous! This color combination brings me right back to 1984 and the teal and purple striped shirt I had. I thought I was pretty hot in that shirt and was so terribly disappointed to show up on the first day of school to see another girl wearing the same one! The horror! Anyhoo... I will have to make more in this combination since this pair was snatched up already. :)

Porcelain Earrings - Spanish Fans in Antique Lavender

This is another one of my favorite designs. The Spanish Fans look great no matter what color combo I do but in the lavender clay with a hint of black underglaze... yum. :)

These earrings can be found in my shop. Now... what color shall I play with next?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Round Rabbit EXTRA preview!

Porcelain Bee Beads

I'll be updating the Extra shop tomorrow at noon! So here is a preview for you. Since I was so sick last week I didn't get as much made as I had hoped. But I'm very happy with what I did make, so I guess it all evens out in the end. :)

First up is the bees!!! I love how they turned out!!! Yay!!! I stalked the kiln until it was cool enough to get my things out, I was so anxious, I nearly went crazy. And how about that wonderful lavender color on the trio above? My new favorite color. Expect to see it a lot. Hopeful I won't be the only one who loves it, otherwise I will be making a lot of lavender jewelry with the left-overs. ;)

Porcelain Bee Beads

As you can see I left most of them matte with a just a touch of color to bring out the design. They have such a wonderful feel.

Porcelain Bee Beads

This shot gives you an idea of the size. They are nice and chunky. I want to eat them. And just for fun, click HERE to see the very first pair of earrings I made over three years ago with this same bee. Gotta love that pink background. ;)

Porcelain Beads

These are also two-sided beads. They have a wonderful deep texture and are a pretty good size.

Porcelain Bead


Porcelain Beads

Spiral two-sided beads. Also a good size. They would be a great focal.

Porcelain Beads

For some reason I only made one of these. It's large and very fancy. I will have to make more.

Porcelain Beads

These beads remind me of the top of a poppy seed pod. This particular design is one of my personal favorites. I make a lot of earrings with it. It seems to look great no matter what form it takes.

Porcelian Jewelry Components

Square rings. Is that possible... for a square to be a ring? Huh. I'll have to think about that one...

Porcelain Shards

The rest of this week's batch is made up of four different batches of shards. This groups is a little larger than my usual shards and highly sculptural. To me they really look like something you might find from the past. Beautiful.

Porcelain Shards

Arrrr!! I was feeling a little bit pirate when I made this bunch. I might have been wearing an eye patch at the time, I really can't remember.

Porcelain Shards

This group got its texture from a piece of vintage depression glass.

Porcelain Shards

Here is the final batch. Very pretty and floral.

So there you have it! The update will begin at noon right HERE. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Greenware porcelain beads

I've been doing a lot of low-key work this week while I get through this devil illness that decided to live inside me (dramatic!). I've been getting a lot of new listings up in the Etsy shop and I've been trying to get some new pieces made. I made these two-sided beads last night and I am quite in love with them already, even in their naked greenware stage.

Greenware porcelain beads

These spirals are fun, no?

Greenware porcelain beads

And check out these bees! Dare I say they are the bee's knees? (had to.)
So let's hear it for two-sided beads! Yay!

In other news: My apologies go out to any and all who are waiting for a package from me. I am slowing making my way through all of my shipping, so please bear with me. I hope to have it all done today and tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's the weirdest tool you use?


My love affair with glaze continues, always. Check out these three pieces.... I'm still working on super low energy so staring off into glaze space suits me just fine.



Ohh, ahhh...... dreamy.....

Weird Tools

In other news.... I was looking around my piles of mess today and I realized that I have an inordinate amount of cat and dog nail files that I pick up every time I go to the local Pet Smart. I've found that they work perfectly to quickly sand the ends of freshly cut ear wires or to smooth a rough edge of metal. They are fairly heavy duty so they hold up well and really do the trick.
What kind of odd things do you find yourself using in your craft?