Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Solitude for Petey

It's time for a bunny update. After last week's massive fight I discovered that Petey's wounds were much more severe than I originally thought. And after a long awaited visit with the vet yesterday those fears where confirmed. It seems that Petey managed to break and crack two back molars during his rumble with Laurel causing him to develop an abscess and a very swollen tongue. Today he had some minor surgery which involved removing one tooth and part of another and filing down the rest. The abscess was cleaned out (sorry, yucky, I know) and he was hydrated with a ton of fluids.

I took this photo right after we came home. He immediately ran to his blue blanket, stretched out and tried to relax. My poor boy has lost a lot of weight, his fur is all patchy (from stress) and, as you can see if you click on the photo for a close-up, he has a big hole in his ear from Laurel's bite. I guess he will have to be my new earring model.

So it is solitude for Petey for the next few days. He is in his room (yes, he has his own room) and seems very content and possibly a little high on pain meds. He is nibbling on a baby carrot right now.
Serenity now, little Petey.


Dani said...

Poor Petey, I hope he is going to be OK.

How are YOU doing???

I emailed you, did you happen to get it??

Jaime said...

oh the poor baby! I understand what you are feeling!!!!!

fluffnflowers said...

Poor little dude! Hope he's doing alright now.