Thursday, April 12, 2012

Support my boy

Me and my boy

See that cute guy in the photo with me? Yep. That's my boy, Scott. I don't tend to get too personal on my blog but I wanted to introduce you guys to the most important person in my life and also give you a chance to support his most recent endeavor. 


Scott is a professional musician and has made his living as such for over 20 years. To say that I am impressed by his talent would be an understatement. Not only does he play a multitude of instruments, but he plays them really well, and he sings, and he writes great songs. If you are a fan of the Adirondacks here in New York State you may be familiar with his original music as the soundtrack to several PBS specials on the topic. He's the hardest working man and the kindest person I know, and I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have him in my life. 


Scott has owned and operated his own recording studio for years and has recorded over 50 CDs, most of which has been his own original music. He's starting work on a brand new album and I'm pretty excited about it, but he needs some help in order to finish the project. Below is a link to his Kickstarter campaign. Please watch it and donate if you can, but just as important, please share this link and help to spread the word. He is off to a great start with this fundraiser but will need all the exposure he can get to reach his goal. :)

More Scott info!
Kickstarter project 
New Facebook page: Scott B Adams Music
New promotional video: Summit

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Rebecca said...

Best of luck to Scott! Thanks for sharing his music here. I will look forward to this album being released!