Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lean and Long

I've been holed up, working my arse off for what feels like an eternity, thus my absence these past few days. I tend to get into a zone, or just plain zoned out, when I work obsessively. This week has been about new forms (you will see very soon), glazing like a freak and making earwires until my fingers bleed.

The top photo is of a new pair of earrings involving the oval form of my Discus series. When I originally made these pieces several months ago I had a completely different idea in mind for them. I was going to stack them like stones. Well, things change and some ideas don't look as good in real life as they do in your mind's eye. So scrap that idea and move on to the next. I am quite happy with the way these smooth disks spin freely on the extra long earwire. They tend to fall however they want which means that they have an asymmetry to them that is quite pleasing to this wonky, asymmetrical girl.

I drew on the pair above with an underglaze pencil which looks just like a graphite pencil and that equals very cool. Once fired it forms a permanent, unsmudgeable surface. The possibilities are endless with this type of glazing so stay tuned for some major scribbling in the near future. :)

This pair is the result of not wanting to waste my clay. I had some extra scraps so I quickly cut out some rings. I was going to put them in the Extra shop as jewelry components but I liked the way they looked on the long earwires, so here they are. Ta da!

A fun aspect of all of these earrings is that they are completely reversible! All of the porcelain pieces can be slid off the earwire and turned around to show the beautiful unglazed, smooth, white porcelain. I just love that! (see the listings in my shop for a photo of just how awesome this looks:)

And finally, I just had to share this gorgeous glaze with you. I never tire of this combination.

Tomorrow I will resume featuring the folks that participated in my creative trade. I have received some fantastic stuff (thanks so much everyone!) and can't wait to share it all with you. :)


jeweledrabbit said...

All beautiful. I love the white-porcelain look.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Lovely earrings! I really like the earwires (too). Nice!

Dani said...

They look GREAT!!! I can't wait to see what you do with that pencil...I want one!!

Osceola Pottery said...

I love these, they looks fantastic!

capitolagirl said...

Your pieces are really nice, they all look great! I especially love that reversible looks really nice with that style of earwires :)

Unknown said...

wow.. so glad I popped in.. beautiful blog..
love the earrings..
mona & the girls