Friday, March 6, 2009

Laura Frantz

The third exciting creative exchange package I received in the mail came from Laura Frantz. As it turns out I actually know Laura but in my typical can't-remember-a-name-to-save-my-life fashion I was clueless until she gave my memory a poke. She's a regular at the Syracuse Farmers' Market where I used to sell every weekend and we do the waving thing on a regular basis. Duh.

Laura is one of those Super Moms who home schools her two adorable children and manages to be super crafty on the side. Her blog is quite contagious - trust me, once you start reading you won't be able to stop. And though her Etsy shop is a little empty at the moment I think it has great potential to kick some major crafty rear if she wanted it to.

Case in point. Laura sent me this cute little purse and felt bookmark. I have already loaded the purse up with lip balm (can never have enough of the stuff) and the bookmark is living happily nestled between the pages of a Bret Easton Ellis novel (a little harsh for such a nice, calm bookmark but it is dealing with the situation like a trooper).

I just had to include this photo from Laura's sold items in her Etsy shop. How perfect is this children's apron and why doesn't she make them in big people sizes??? I am pretty certain I need one of these for the pottery studio. Hint hint. :)

Thanks so much for the goodies, Laura, and for participating in my exchange!


Lorelei said...

I love this little pouch! Very super cute, and the bookmark will come in handy too!! What a great trade. I have a feeling they will be come addictive. I feel another one coming on already!

Round Rabbit said...

Yes, this was a fun very fun trade, no doubt! I have still have quite a few more people to feature but as soon as I am done I might do it all over again! :)