Friday, June 6, 2008


Steampunk'd, that is. I have decided to try a run of items on Ebay and I went with a Steampunk theme. I haven't really given Ebay a try with my own work before. Several years ago when I made a mad dash out of grad school I found myself selling vintage and antique jewelry on Ebay for a little while. I did quite well and I learned a lot. What I discovered, though, is that I much prefer being a collector of jewelry and making and selling my own. Since I still buy vintage and antique pieces quite regularly I occasionally put up a batch to weed out the collection, but for the most part I am primarily a buyer these days.

Today, however, I put these five lovelies up to see what happens. If any of you are looking for a deal on these pieces now may be your chance. :)

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Anonymous said...

They are all lovely but that first necklace is utterly amazing. AMAZING!