Friday, March 11, 2016

New pieces in the shop RIGHT NOW!

 Thanks so much for all the dead-kiln-support! It is still not quite fixed but it's on its way. The problem I thought it had turned out be an incorrect diagnosis so more new parts are on the way. But in the meantime my brilliant handy husband manged to get it working to get through one more firing.

So here it is! I just loaded everything into the shop so it is all ready to go! 


 I'm really pleased with the Storybook pendants shown above. I never tire of this design.

 Large fancy pants drop pendants.

 A selection of leaf printed cabochons.

Bead frames! 

 Bunny shank button sets!

And lastly, some fun chunky half glazed connector sets. I really like these - they have so much potential! 

There are a few more odds and ends listed as well. :) 

Everything is in the shop at this very moment! You can find it HERE

Have fun shopping and thanks for stopping by!

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Seraphinas Phantasie said...

Marvelous Artwork - so wonderful and amazing !
Best regards, Synnöve