Things I should be doing instead

I have a small show tomorrow and Saturday with the Syracuse Ceramic Guild. I should be tagging my pieces (with their incredibly large, inconvenient and terribly time consuming tags) but instead I am sitting here eating pizza, drinking beer and writing a blog post. This is much more fun than spending hours tagging and writing an inventory sheet. (Note to self: stop doing these guild shows - the tags are going to send you to an early grave).

Well anyhoo, I really just popped in to complain, I guess. Which is not very productive and certainly not very PC. (Has anyone else noticed how it's uncool to complain these days? I mean, I love a good whine now and then. I excel at it, actually. Let's make complaining cool!)

OK, enough beer. I listed this new rabbit necklace in the shop today. I love it quite a bit and hope you do to! :)


mairedodd said…
at the risk of dating myself - do you remember the whiners from snl? joe piscopo? they made whining very cool! my aunt (you know, the cool one that every one has) & i still do it... maybe wednesdays should be whine-y wednesdays from now on, giving everyone a chance to vent... then go on with the week!
the glaze colors are gorgeous and i love the rabbit pendant -
SueBeads said…
OMG - the photo of all the pieces is beautiful!!!! And I love the tags - they actually look like the prayer flags from a japanese shrine! Think of that - and steady yourself! Have fun - I wish I could have all those beautiful fall colored pieces!
stregata said…
That plate full of glazed pieces looks like a tray of chocolate pralines - yummy! And the rabbit pendant is awesome!
TesoriTrovati said…
I'm with MJ! Whine-y Wednesdays would be fun...paired with an actual wine that you would then review to share if it paired well with your pity party! All gorgeous things... and I agree about the tags... I would rather be eating pizza and drinking wine/beer than doing that as well! Have a great show. Enjoy the day! Erin

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