Friday, October 9, 2009

The last outdoor show of the season!

Woo-hoo! I just finished setting up for my last outdoor show of the season (in the rain, no less)! Come on up to the Letchworth Art & Crafts Show & Sale at Letchworth State Park (that's in upstate NY for those of you wondering) and check me out in booth #A23. For those who will be visiting me again this year make a note that this booth location is different from where I was last year. I am now on the completely other side of the show (near where the shuttle bus drops people off).
It looks like the weather will be clear, though a touch chilly, so I'll be bundled to the hilt and drinking hot mint tea until I float. The show runs Saturday through Monday. Be there. If you can. And if you want to. But if not, that's fine too. :)


Unknown said...

good luck this weekend!! I also had an outside show today, windy and showers off and on all day, I was pleasantly surprise how many people came out though

LDWatkins said...

Hope you had a great show!!