Thursday, December 18, 2008

Studio blather

I took my eyebrows to the studio today and had a nice full day of work. Incidentally, the brows aren't as bad as I first thought. However, they are pretty thin and I did receive a call from 1995, and yes, they did indeed want their eyebrows back, but no one in the "outside" world seemed to even notice my resemblance to a transvestite. Which leaves me wondering if I always resemble a transvestite....

Anyhooo, I got a ton of work done and I feel very satisfied with my day. The photo above gives you a little glimpse at some pieces I am working on for a new line. They look innocent enough but trust me, getting them to the stage you see here took hours (so many, you wouldn't believe me if I told you and if you did you would think I have completely lost my mind...). I can't wait to introduce these new pieces but that will have to wait a little while. :)

Believe it or not I have already begun to make ornaments for next year. I figured that I would get a major head start because I have big plans for them in the coming year. Big, BIG plans so hang on to your hats! I would love to hear from all of you - tell me what kind of ornaments you like - shapes, themes, colors. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated so lay it on me! :)


becca.elpy said...

i don't think you ever look like a transvestite. i was worried for a time around age 15, about my eyebrows, that they were too thick. don't remember how i got over it.

i love your pink rolling pin. i'm not picky about ornament shapes. but i like blue and purple aside from the 'traditional' christmas colors.

Dani said... crazy girl!! I can't even seem to wrap myself around this one yet!

I LOVE stars!! Anything with stars would be great!!

I am jealous...I want to be in the studio all day right now! Just too many other things going on. :(

BTW-remind me to tell you about my brow problem in 8th grade!! It wasn't pretty!

High Desert Diva said...

Funny how no one notices, isn't it?

As far as ornaments....I have a thing for old fashioned Santas *tries to picture a glazed version*

Here's a post from last year:

Rosanne said...

I was trying to think what was my favorite, but when it comes down to it any handmade ornaments are my favorites. I've boughten (is that a word?)a lot of artists ornaments over the years and they are always the first to go on my tree. And beleive me its never to early to start on next years stuff, I try to get at it early, but still scramble at the end. In fact, I need to get off this puter and
p.s. got the aqua bracelet yesterday, that is my fav and the color is gorgeous! I was gonna give the earrings as a gift, but I think I'm keeping them for myself...bad elf!