Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A tale of two eyebrows

Today during my regular visit to the hair salon to have have my youth restored I asked my hair girl if she could tidy up the old eyebrows a bit. She did. And I have since spent the better portion of the afternoon looking in the mirror wondering what the hell happened. I look like a cross between Divine and Uncle Leo (from the Seinfeld episode when Leo's eyebrows are burned off and Elaine draws them back on). OK, so it's not really that bad, but they are a bit on the slim side and a little too groomed for my taste. The eyebrow pencil will be my friend for the next few weeks while they grow back to their usual Brooke-Shields-circa-1983 form. The Mona Lisa look just isn't for me. :)


Fab Fibers said...

Wow, wouldn't that be awful if they really looked like that! I have to laugh, when we got ours done, I swear Dorothy pulls off the hairs and all the skin on my lids. My sister and I call that our instant face lifts. Thanks for the laughs I needed one tonight.

Andrew Thornton said...

I've been down that road. Without grooming, I look like what would happen if Frida Kalho had babies with a Neanderthal. The over-plucking time is one of my least favorite times. Boy, do I look like something scary with the drag queen eyebrows.

Lorelei said...

oh you have no idea how much i needed this laugh.
i'm sorry.
I don't mean to laugh. But the picture you paint with your words and the picture you attached to this post is just too darn funny.
thank you.

they'll grow back fast.

Gaea said...

Ohhh! I hate being mugged like that! LOL!!! Is it all cold and naked feeling? Sorry! Must, stop, laughing.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! I bet it's not tha bad :( But man, you made me laugh.

I have pretty heavy duty Brooke Sheilds style brows and a waxers are ALWAYS beggning me to let them shape them since there is plenty to play with. I've had a couple of experiences where suddenly I have that awful 90's too thin surprise look ala 90210. Yuck!

blackfeatherfarm said...

Hair today and gone tomorrow.....Funny post ! I just keep seeing you staring into the mirror with a puzzled look on your face ! Fear not, it will grow back !

Round Rabbit said...

Well, I am so glad I could provide you all with a much needed laugh. :) Thankfully I am laughing at myself over the whole thing. No one even seemed to notice today, so they must not be that bad. I hope. :)

Andrew, I can't get the Frida/Neanderthal combo out of my mind! Too freaking funny!