Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Show and tell

I don't want to bore you too much by showing you every little thing I acquired at Bead Fest (I can't imagine it's too terribly exciting), so I will stick to some of my favorites and spare you all of the tools, chemicals and whatnot.

I had gone to the show with a list of things that I truly needed; supplies that I am out of. And guess what? Not one of the things on my list was there. Not a one. Soooooo, I quickly made the switch from needs to wants (very heroic, I must say). Up first is this gorgeous pair of enameled pieces from C-Koop Beads (above). They are long and luscious and I'm going to simply plop them on a pair of ear wires and call it a day. Instant earrings for ME!

I had the hardest time at the Lillypilly Designs booth trying to pick out something. They have so many beautiful designs, my head nearly exploded. I finally settled on this set which, again, I will place on ear wires and have instant earrings. Again.... for ME!

Both of these pieces are from Green Girl Studios. This has been the Summer of the Bat at my house so I when I saw this little bat bead I just had to have it. Apparently bats like me since they feel the need to visit me often in my home/shower/bedroom. Oh, and how I love them! I've gotten quite good at scooping them up with a butterfly net in mid flight. I feel like I'm playing some freaky, witchy form of lacrosse, but I must say, I'm pretty damn good at it. The bat whisperer. That's me.
Anyhoo, aren't these beads awesome? Yes, they are. And they are both going to be made into pendants...wait for it... for ME!

This cute little pair of ceramic beads marks the last of my "for ME" purchases. The little bird is by Diane Hawkey and the leaf is by Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studios. I had a really good time getting to know these two ladies so I wanted to create a piece for myself that would use both of their beads. I have some ideas mulling around for a necklace.... I'll be sure to share it with you all when it's done.

Here are some gorgeous cabs. Not too sure what I am going to do with them yet, but I had to have them.

And what would the Bead Fest be without the purchase of beads! It's a little funny, since I don't actually use many beads in my work, but that doesn't stop me from buying them. I am drawn to them like a fly to a glass of Merlot and I really had to restrain myself.

For some reason I could not get enough of these gold and green strands of some type of jasper. I think I am longing for Autumn. And candy corn. :)

Another pretty assortment of various stones.

This is my favorite strand of stones EVER! I think I had a small stroke when I saw this strand hanging on the wall. They are titanium-coated labradorite and they are SPECTACULAR!

It's pretty difficult to capture their beauty in a photo, but you get the idea. They are worn and faded looking while still having the flashing brilliance of labradorite. They are perfect and all I can do is stare at them like a creepy bead stalker with lust in my heart. Thankfully, they don't mind.

So that's my show and tell. Hope you enjoyed it. Now I have to actually make something with all of this stuff. Time to get to work!


Katie said...

LOVE the beads you got...And I'm glad you got stuff for just YOU. I know it's your business and all, but sometimes you have to remember to take care of yourself :o) And those labradorite beads are GORGEOUS! (as are all of you in the pictures you've posted)

Glad (and jealous) that you had such a great time!

Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

that labradorite is to die for! great find..

Diana P. said...

Great finds! A lot of the things on my list werent there either so I just bought stuff I liked too. I posted my haul today as well!

Tam said...

oh LOVE IT ALL! I'm glad you found somethings for yourself.

steufel said...

Oh my, wish I had a strand of that labradorite too.

Silver Parrot said... got some lovelies for sure! That labradorite is fantastic!

TesoriTrovati said...

Squee! I love labradorite and that is the one thing I was looking for at Bead & Button but failed to get due to car troubles and not getting there on Sunday. Those are GORGEOUS!
And I am so happy that you are doing something special for YOU! I think that we tend to overlook the most important person in our lives to treat to pretty things. You have some great ones there.
Enjoy the day, Nancy!

SharonP said...

I have titanium-coated labradorite envy!

Marianna said...

gah!! you're killing me over here! I just keep wanting to reach through my screen and pet all the pretty beads! :)

Andrew Thornton said...

Great! Now I have covetousness in my heart! I want a strand of those shiny, fancy titanium-coated labradorite. Now I'm going to have to look at your picture with bead stalker love in my eyes until I get my own strand of these beauties!