Friday, March 5, 2010

Be my fan! Please.

So, I finally made my Facebook fan page public! I started working on it a long time ago and then kind of forgot about it and then started up again and then got tired of uploading photos....sooooo...I just decided to make it public and worry about making it all fancy and stuff as I go along. As of this moment I am my only (and biggest) fan. So sad, so I am hoping some of you might want to join me! Click here to become a fan of the Roundest Rabbit (except for Petey) on the planet! I plan on having special offers and exclusive sales for fans now and then so be sure to join and please spread the word! :)

In other news, I have been putting a lot of new things in the shop. The four leaf clover necklace above is particularly lovely, and it's the only one I made for some unknown reason (not sure where my head was at that moment). I probably won't have any more ready before St. Patrick's Day, unfortunately, though I will try.

This pair is called Modern Cabbage Roses - they are wonderfully dimensional!

This pair of Harlequins feature another new glaze that I've been testing. It's a glaze for the gas kiln so that means the results may vary from firing to firing. This was the first time I tested it and I am pretty happy with the results.

I call these Folk Art Lotus. They have a nice old-timey feel to them, especially when glazed in black and white.

This new Triangular Hoop style is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. And the antique patina glaze still makes me giddy!

Isn't this pair fabulously flirty? They remind me of the twirling dress of a Spanish dancer - so that's why they are called Spanish Fans (ok, fans are not dresses, but you get it..).

And finally, this pair is made with pieces I made from molds made from buttons I bought when I was in London with Lorelei last September. They are called Jubilee and I love them so. (I want to go back to to London in the worst way...)


Lorelei Eurto said...

Weeeeee!! these are so pretty!! I love how they all turned out.
I'm off to become your biggest fan...

Round Rabbit said...

Aw, thanks L! Let's go back to London and buy out that ribbon shop!

Kella said...

I also have a facebook acct but yet to sort it out or make it public, there is just so much to do.

I gotta say I love the glaze effect on the diamond and triangle shaped earrings.

Round Rabbit said...

Thanks Kella! It does take a lot of time to the fan page all decked out. That's why I decided to just go public and fill it in as I go. Otherwise it will NEVER happen. ;)

Unknown said...

love the antique patina on the triangle earrings!

sandi m said...

That clover is awesome - not so St. Patricky.
And the earrings - ohh - you do fabulous work.
London? Wish I was working, I'd go in a minute and throw in a side trip to Paris - my 2 fav places in the world.
sandi m

Mountaindreamers said...

just stopped by to be a fan ! always love your work !

sasha + max studio said...

Yummy earrings - Love them all!!
I just became a Round rabbit facebook fan. I resisted facebook until about 2 weeks ago when I set up the Sasha and Max fan page - I am an old gal trying to understand facebook, twitter et al, but hey, if my dear 74 year old Mum can do it, so can I! Congrats on getting your page set up and running.

Libby Leuchtman said...

Love all the new stuff.

The Noisy Plume said...

LURV those flirty little fans! XO