Monday, February 1, 2010

The unfortunate fortune

"Your hard work will get payoff today."

Translation: Your furnace will die on one of the coldest nights of the year and no repairman will return your emergency phone calls.

It's around 1 in the morning and the temperature outside is 16. The temperature inside isn't far off. My furnace died around 9:00 tonight. After a look-over by my friend/neighbor it would appear that the blower motor has called it quits. Calls have been made to so-called "emergency heating specialists" but I guess the specialists are on vaca. Probably someplace warm, the bastards. It looks like this will have to wait until the morning.

I don't foresee a lot of sleep in my near future as I waver between worry over how I will pay for this latest (in a string of) expensive emergency and how well my poor rabbits will do in the freezing air. (I know, they are rabbits and many people keep them outside, but my bunnies are not used to being cold so I worry, so there.) At least I have electricity and hot water. It's just cold, right? No big deal? Right? I think it might be warmer inside my refrigerator right now.

That rather gross looking fortune above was found on the floor of the studio today as we did a massive cleaning. My friend Dani was hosing down the floor and I was scrubbing it when the fortune went floating by. We both found it very funny as we were breaking our backs (literally) doing all this work. It seemed quite fortuitous. Little did I know that fortunes found floating in muddy, filthy water were no longer good. They are past their "good till" date so my advice to anyone who comes across such a fortune is RUN!

OK, time to get under the electric blanket and watch Sherlock Holmes episodes until morning. Wish me luck.


stregata said...

Oh my - hope that get taken care of licketysplit! Try to keep warm - your bunnies will be okay.

Kella said...


Sorry to hear of your boiler malfunction.

Keep the bunnies with you under the blanket that way you can keep each other warm :)

Lorelei Eurto said...

ugh! that really stinks!! I am so sorry!! I hope it's not as expensive as you think.
I have this hilarious vision of you with hat and mittens, and rabbits under a heated blanket. ;)

mairedodd said...

the best luck - we lost electricity on saturday night and the temp dropped really quickly in the house... how about calling the gas company? they sometimes have service people and ,i think, are obligated to try to provide service in these temps... hope you and your bunnies were ok with the electric blanket... and that you got some sleep ~

Amy Nicole said...

my biggest nightmare. Hope you and the bunnies were able to stay warm through the night!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Oh poor Nancy and the Bunnies! I hope you all snuggled under the electric blanket (thank goodness you had one!) and stayed warm! Hope you got someone out there today - the good news is (if there is one), Monday morning prices are cheaper than emergency prices.

Stay warm!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is rotten luck! I am sending you warm wishes. Good that you have an electric blanket. I don't even have that in the house. Keep your bunnies close! Stay safe and warm. Enjoy the day! Erin

Dani said...

I'm sooo sorry your furnace broke down! Especially after breaking our backs Sunday night.

Stupid fortune!! It even looks like a little bunny poop right on top of it!