Friday, October 16, 2009

Me and Swarovski

I've been invited to be a blogging partner for! Yay! I love to experiment with new and different materials and see what I can do outside of my usual style. This time around I had my pick of some stunning Swarovski crystal beads and components and let me tell you, it was soooo tough to decided. I had no idea that Swarovski made so many different things from buttons to links to pearls... in the end I settled on some light amethyst round buttons in a variety of sizes.

Using copper wire I strung them together and connected them to one of my porcelain focal pieces. I was going for an antique Edwardian festoon style necklace - like something that would have been worn in the British TV series Upstairs Downstairs (LOVE that series!). The necklace is meant to be worn very short so that all the buttons lay properly and the porcelain piece is nice and high and visible. I can picture this being worn this holiday season with lush velvets and satins. Oo-la-la!


Lorelei Eurto said...

Now that, I can see on someone at the Emmy's, on the red carpet!! wowza!

TesoriTrovati said...

Lush! And congratulations on the ArtBeads gig...that has been one of my oldest and most loved go-to internet sites.
Enjoy the day!

Silver Parrot said...

Now THAT is a necklace! Congrats on the Art Beads assignment, too. That's awesome.

Holly Knott said...

Oo la la indeed. I love this piece. The combo of the crystals and ceramic is awesome. Great job!

Amanda said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Incredibly elegant. (:

Fatally Cute said...

Really beautiful! O-la-la is right