Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bracelet love

It always takes me a few days to get back in the swing of things after a long show. This particular show, last weekend, was very cold, very damp and one of the days was so windy that I thought my tent would launch into the stratosphere. All in all it was alright. Nothing fantastic but not horrible either. I'm glad to be home, however, and am still trying to warm up.

I have started working on some new bracelet designs and I am a having a lot of fun with them. The first style you can see in progress above and competed below. I'm using a heavy gauge copper wire which is really nice to hammer like a mad freak - gets out all my frustrations. I fashioned the chain after a common style found in the local hardware store. It really lends itself to attaching charms and has very nice movement. The two-piece heart focal moves nicely as well and looks really flattering on the wrist (worn with the bottom of the heart facing down on your hand - it lays like a dream!).

I started this bracelet the weekend I returned from London and only just finished it today. It's rather unusual, I admit, but I can't take it off! It all started with this extraordinary leather ribbon that Lorelei and I found while in London. I was determined to use it in a way that would really show what it was - I wanted the fact that it is leather to be obvious - so I laid it flat in three rows and riveted it between copper sheet with sterling silver.

The central tangle is made of sterling silver wire which I heated just to the point of melting to fuse it together a little. I then made a bunch of twisty ties out of sterling wire with hammered ends. I like how they spin around and look cluttered but add a little design touch with their flat paddle heads.

I wonder if this bracelet phase will consume me like my earring phase did over the past weeks? I am getting a strong sense that it will. I am slave to my whims. Thank god my whims are my idea of a good time. :)


mairedodd said...

awesome - go with it!

Silver Parrot said...

Really cool stuff! I love your wirework on the heart bracelet!

Emi said...

Really lovely work, the first one especially looks fantastic, I would love to see an action shot - I bet it looks so sweet!