Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday I was supposed to be at a pottery workshop in Syracuse. Instead I was home feeling under the weather. So I did what I have been putting off - I planted seeds. Alllllllll day long. And I'm still not done. This year I am focusing on vegetables rather than flowers. I have always been a flower girl but I decided to veg out this year. We have raised beds under construction and I am determined to actually plant them. (In previous years I have made these same plans with no follow through - this year will be different. I think.)

Anyhoo. I got a good start and will finish up the rest tomorrow. Today I am off to catch the second day of the workshop. :)


Fab Fibers said...

I know I can't wait to get started planting. I don't have raised gardens as the deer are constant
eaters of the greens (we'd have to put an tall fence around the garden. But I have these containers called Earth Boxes and I keep them on the patio. Tomatoes, greenbeans, zucchini and
eggplant. Makes my mouth water just thinking of them. Sorry you're feeling under the weather.
Hope you get better soon.

laurelmoon said...

I desperately want to plant some veggies this year, but since we moved into this house in December, and there's so much landscaping and maintenance that wasn't done...I think I might have to wait until next year. Maybe I'll just have a couple of pots of tomatoes. And a zucchini plant. Then I'll have zucchini until it's coming out of my ears. lol!

Good luck with your garden, sweetie!

SummersStudio said...

Wow, you've defintiely got a head start on me! I've got potato eyes ready to go next week. Happy gardening.

La Alicia said...

wow -- you'll have a lovely garden!

rachellucie said...

Dearest RR,

Just wondering whether my henceforth not to be seen 'creative swap' parcel has arrived yet? I sent it 3 weeks ago yesterday, which is normally plenty of time to cross the pond from the UK to you. Please let me know, either way. Communication is a wonderful thing.
RL x

P.S. love the new blog makeover.
P.P.S making me think I need to make a start on the old veg too...

Andrew Thornton said...

I wish I could plant stuff. But alas, I've got a patch of concrete in my back alley. Maybe I'll try to do window boxes.