Monday, July 21, 2008

And once again...

I will be giving old Ebay a try with this batch of lovely vintage inspired necklaces. Last month I put up a variety of Steampunk themed jewelry. Two out of five pieces sold which doesn't sound too exciting, however... I had placed a link to my blog in the listings that brought a ton of traffic to both here and, in turn, my Etsy shop. As a result I had several sales in my shop and even a special order. So, even if Ebay doesn't appear to be a great place to sell handmade if you work it properly it can certainly be a great form of advertising. (just think of those ridiculously high fees as part of your advertising budget)

I have even lower expectations this time around since internet selling is so veeeery slow during the Summer months. But hey, it can't hurt, right?


Walk in the Woods said...

Really beautiful pieces!

Highland Fairy said...

I do quite well with my skirts on ebay, but price wise it's not really worth I've tried selling my artwork and jewellery...but no luck.....I'm just addicted!
I wasn't sure either whether you could link your blog, etsy, etc on ebay.
I'll have to do it...on your 'me' page?
I can see why you're doing well with your jewellery wherever you go....
it's very unique!

Round Rabbit said...

That is great that your skirts sell well on Ebay! Handmade jewelry is a tough sell - especially right now. I think the batch I have up right now is going unnoticed.
I am pretty sure it is alright to link to your blog in your listings, but not etsy. I have a link to Etsy in my Me page but someone told me I shouldn't do that. That was months ago and it still remains with no problems. I say give it a try!