Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I love my job!

I spent all day Sunday in the studio. And by all day I mean I went in at 10 am and left at 8 pm. It was excellent! I am working on many projects at once so I jumped around from handbuilding bottles (above), to glazing, to handbuilding pendants (below), to sanding and refining, to recycling clay, and everything else in between. It was one of those days when I am so happy and content to do what I do. Creating full time is like a 24/7 sugar high.

As I was leaving the studio Maryanne (she runs the studio and teaches nearly all of the classes) was getting ready to glaze literally hundreds of pieces of her pottery (below). She does craft shows regularly (for 25+ years) and this continual cycle of making, glazing and firing is the norm for her. Inspiring, the say the least.