Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday Scenes

It's Monday and I am just now writing about Saturday. Maybe I will catch up to Monday by mid-week. Anyhoo, Saturday was spent at the Farmers' Market in Syracuse, NY and it was a lovely day. We had the pleasure of being set up next to our friend, Chris, from Bluetree Studios, who sells the most beautiful handwoven Bolga baskets from Ghana. They are so colorful and the craftsmanship is superb - I wanted all of them!

As we left Syracuse we drove behind an ice cream truck that was playing its creepy carnival/circus music on a loop. I did develop an ice cream craving but stayed strong and resisted knowing that we had a basket full of homemade strawberry cake from the market in the back seat. (The most sinful cake in the world - full of heavy cream and butter - Paul swears he can feel his arteries clogging as he eats (and eats, and eats) it.)

The drive home is always so peaceful as we take rural country roads back to our little town of Owego. I had to stop and jump out of the car to take a photo of this old graveyard that has somehow survived all these years even though a corn field completely encircles it. Once the corn grows it will be totally hidden. Seems like a nice place to rest...

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