Friday, March 14, 2008

Stocked and fully loaded...

My day in the studio was a full one. I helped to load the large gas kiln which will be fired on Monday. The studio where I work as an assistant is doing a charity soup bowl drive so most of what you see in these photos is part of that project. We had to make 250 bowls. I say "we" but I actually only made one. Being primarily a hand-builder my skills on the wheel were not in demand so I hand-built one bowl (and glazed around 50). It was very amusing - in the time it took me to make my one bowl Maryanne (she runs the studio) had thrown around ten. But she is superhuman, so that shouldn't count against me. :)

If you look closely in the photo below you will see my little tiny pieces scattered around the bigger things. I wish I had glazed more. We only fire the gas kiln around once a month (the electric kilns are going nearly every day) so I try to have as much glazed as possible but this time I ran out of time.

I did, however, managed to reglaze my bottles and all four were loaded in the kiln. There is still a chance that the glaze will run too much and my biggest fear is that they will be stuck to kiln shelves. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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Cicada Studio said...

What a satisfying sight! Very neatly arranged. Show us pics of the vases when they're done!