Friday, March 14, 2008

I sprung ahead and stepped behind

Today is a full day and I am already falling behind. This whole spring ahead thing still has me sleeping in too late and disoriented. Petey (above) suffers from the same problem.

Today will be a day in the studio. First I have to reglaze these bottles (below). I should have stopped with the first two layers but in my glazing frenzy I decided to add the paper circles with a third glaze. As soon as I did it I knew it was too much and that if fired these four lovelies would be melted to the kiln shelf (and I would have a lot of grinding to do). So last night I washed them off and today I will start over. I am still determined to use the same three glazes - I will just have to apply them differently. Two steps forward, one step back...

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Taina said...

Oh my goodness that is the cutest rabbit photo! I stumbled upon your blog via Original Blog Love and am bookmarking it. Great photos. =)