Friday, February 26, 2016

Emergency SALE going on now!

 Hello one and all! I'm having an emergency sale starting right now! I woke up yesterday to the discovery that my kiln wasn't working. That means that I am out of work at the moment until I can get it fixed. And that means that I am a bad situation. SO.... I have put together an emergency sale. 

All of the sets shown above have been listed as Grab Bags and are $25 each. That is a savings of $35 on each group!

I've put in many new pairs of earrings and they are all on sale for $25 a pair

All the beads and components that were already in the shop have been marked down to $10 a piece! That includes some owls and bumble bees that are still hanging around.

There are also some new felted wool bangles in the shop as well. 

I hope there is something for everyone and please feel free to spread the word! 

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