Thursday, October 11, 2012

Extra Shop Update TOMORROW Friday the 12th!

The day: FRIDAY October 12th, 2012
The time: 12:00 PM EST
Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
In an ongoing effort to please each and every one of you I have dedicated this week's update to previous designs that many of you have expressed wanting another shot at. There has been a lot of discussion lately about why I don't repeat designs once they sell out or why I don't take special orders. Well, there are many reasons why but the bottom line is I have to do what it best for me as an artist and what makes the most sense for my business (which, incidentally, is my only means of income). So, I am hoping to compromise by occasionally repeating designs that many of you have asked for now and then. 

Starting with the dragonflies! When making jewelry was my full time gig this dragonfly was one of my early signature pieces. It was featured in the very first article I wrote for Belle Armoire Jewelry and I have only offered it once as a component (which was several years ago). So here they are! I made a bunch so everyone should have a shot at getting one.

Next up are owls! I have been making these owls for quite a while now, probably around four years or so. Every time I make them I say it will be my last time. And then someone (who's name starts with a Lorelei) asks me to make them again. So I do. :) 

Bees! I love these bees. I love them so much that I am making bee tiles for my bathroom!

This is another of my favorites! I made these last year and have meant to make them again ever since. They have such an enchanted feeling to them. Perfect for this time of year. 


Lastly are these super cute elephants. I made these not that long ago and many people were not able to get any, so I hope they do this time. :) 

To recap: 
The day: FRIDAY October 12th, 2012
The time: 12:00 PM EST
Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
Hope to see you all there! 


Heidi Post said...

I'm gonna have to get an owl now. I admit that I greedily got TWO elephants last time, but every time I play with them, I fail to come up with any good design ideas. I'm sure something will come to me eventually, but it's frustrating 'cos I REALLY want to use one!

Imhere4roy said...

Owls, my latest obsession. Wonder if my work internet will block me from my goal! lol

Maplegirl said...

Thank you for sharing your art pieces with us. It is so exciting to get them to play with. You are an artist, and you make limited pieces. That is all you need to say. Thank you for offering some favourites again.

As in the book, Fancy Nancy, her mom says, "You get what you get, and you don't get upset."

Your porcelain pieces are just so lovely, that we covet them. That is a good thing. Andrea

Round Rabbit said...

Thanks, Andrea, I needed that. :)

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