Extra Shop Update FRIDAY, May 11th!

Batik Print Hearts - Porcelain Pendants

The day: Friday May 11th, 2012
The time: 12:00 PM EST
Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
Every time I sit down to glaze I start out energized and excited. As the hours pass by I become a little grumpy. My back starts to hurt. I don't eat until I am done. I usually glaze for at least 7 hours, sometimes as much as 10. 10 is my limit before I start to get violent. On Monday I glazed for roughly 7 hours and by the time I was done I didn't like what I had done. I complained to Scott that I felt like I had made bad glazing choices that day and he gave me a sad frowny face in solidarity.  Well, I opened the kiln this morning...and what the hell was I thinking?! I LOVE what I did! Seriously. Especially the hearts that are shown above. They are big and gorgeous I can already imagine myself wearing a necklace made with one, a long summer dress and a drink in my hand. Oh yeah...

Porcelain Bird Pillow Beads

Here is a bird version of my bee pillow beads! Yay!

Porcelain blossom bead caps

I only made five of these blossom bead caps. They were kind of a pain the butt to make so I didn't make a ton. If you guys like them I might get myself in the mood to make them again. They are not your average bead cap - they are BIG.

Simple Charm Porcelain Pendants

I call these Simple Charm Pendants. They have a simple, antiquey quality about them that I really like. And they also have some dimension, seeing as how they are layered.

Porcelain Egg Beads

And back by popular demand, the Egg Beads! I understand that some people have been having shopping cart issues on Big Cartel and as a result some of your were not able to purchase these beads even though they appeared to be your cart. Big Cartel has recommended that everyone's browser should be updated and if there are any more problems try using a different browser. Annoying, I know, but hopefully the problems have been solved.

To recap: 
The day: Friday May 11th, 2012
The time: 12:00 PM EST
Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
Hope to see you then! :)


Amanda leonhart said…
I missed all the dragonfly pieces and the giraffe pendents that you had a couple updates ago...any idea of when you may do some more?
juditsd said…
Wow,gorgeous colors!
Erin Siegel said…
Those hearts are KILLER, Nancy! I haven't been going for hearts much lately, but yours are turning me right round real quick!
Heidi Post said…
I will have one of those hearts! I swear you're gonna put me in the poor house!
Malin de Koning said…
if I don't manage to get my hands on one of those bead caps i don't know what I will do. They are gorgeous!!!!!!
Heidi Post said…
I seriously dreamed last night that I wasn't able to get one of those ♥ pendants. I've got meetings all day tomorrow and I may not be in front of my computer at the right time. I'm very nervous!

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