EXTRA shop update WEDNESDAY at noon! Feb. 29th!

Butterfly Love - Porcelain Jewelry Components

I'm having a smaller than usual update this Wednesday, February 29th. It's Leap Year! How about that?!

Butterfly Love - Porcelain Jewelry Components

I am having a total butterfly obsession these days. Not sure what that is all about but I can't seem to stay away from butterflies. I spend way too much time on Pinterest looking for butterflies to pin to my board...that may have something to do with it. Anyhoo, I am particularly fond of these large heart pendants. They will definitely make a show-stopping necklace and I will be making more of these all for myself. ;)

Fancy Footballs - Porcelain jewelry components

These fun football shaped pendants/connectors feature one of my favorite patterns at the moment. I can't stop using it on everything. It reminds me of a wedding cake, which reminds me of just cake in general, which makes me very happy. Cake is my friend.

Sugar Cubes - Porcelain Beads

The final batch of pieces for this week's update are these wonderful sugar cube beads. As many of you know I don't make traditional hole-through-the-middle beads very often. They are a lot of work, quite honestly, and every time I make them I tell myself never to make them again. How-some-ever (now there's a phrase that needs to make a come-back!), I LOVE using them in my own work. When I made these bracelets last week I realized that I needed more large-holed beads...so here we go! I could eat these, they look so good! They will be sold in mixed sets of four (I think).

So there you have it! All these goodies will go in the shop on Wednesday (Feb. 29th) at noon EST. One batch will go up every 20 minutes so that means that this update will go quickly since there are only three different batches. Watch the action on Facebook or just check out the shop. Hope to see you there! :)


Gardanne said…
Cake is my friend too. I have a group of ladies I meet on a regular basis, we all met originally while learning to make glass beads. Our get togethers alway have a theme, and one of them is "The Slab O' Cake" party. Of course cake is the only thing on the menu and there are several choices. Beads and cake great combo.
Miriam said…
I stumbled on your blog today, what a treat, you have such pretty things.
Do you sell the beautiful hearts?
and you might be interested in this project
with your 'thing' about butterflies x
Round Rabbit said…
Thanks so much, Miriam! Yes, the hearts are for sale at this very moment. If you read the blog post you will find a link to my shop. Thanks!
sherry said…
Stumbled my way to your blog...LOVE your items so pretty..I see so many possibilities...is there a place I can go to just buy the pieces to make my own earrings?

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