Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Extra shop update Friday, July 29th!

Porcelain Jewelry Components

I have lots of colorful pieces for you this week, starting with this fun batch of tile connectors. I've got bathroom renovation on my mind (it's kind of been on my mind for the past 15 years actually) and everything I make lately makes me think..."gee, maybe I should make tiles that look like this!"

Porcelain Jewelry Components

I thought the same thing about these funky components. It would be pretty cool to make larger versions that fit together perfectly to use as a backsplash above the sink. Am I right? (Am I crazy?)

Stoneware Jewelry Components

It's been a while since I dragged out my never ending supply of dark and groggy clay. Every time I do I remember why I don't like it. And every time I do I get on my blog to tell you all how much I don't like it. Sorry about that. I'm a creature of whiny habit... Anyhoo...despite my dislike for this clay I am usually pretty happy with the end results.

Stoneware Jewelry Components

I went for an embossed look on these hearts and had some fun experimenting with glazing techniques.

Stoneware Jewelry Components

I kept that look going on some round and oval pendant pieces...

Stoneware Jewelry Components

I especially love how this matte copper green glaze looks on this clay and the way it highlights the embossing.

Stoneware Jewelry Components

I played around a little with a new shape, which I like a lot. It's very tribal and ancient looking...I could see these pieces paired with natural stone and wood beads.

Porcelain Jewelry Components

Lastly I have this small batch of textured rings. Always a useful shape and they are large enough to be a focal.

So thar she blows! The update will happen in my Big Cartel shop on Friday, July 29th (two days from this very day!) at noon EST. As always, you can watch the listings as they go up on my Facebook page, right here. Hope to see you on Friday! :)


Nic :) said...

*love* them all!
the hearts especially ! x

Cindy Cima said...

Love the square tiles!! Love the dark blue heart!! Love all of them! I want!!

cookingwithgas said...

I am way late to the party but I love those handmade hand craved beads you did below.
Good grief they are fabulous!

Michelle said...

Curse you, Nancy!! I want more of your components!! Argh! I love the concave/convex ones (don't know what else to call them...). Great job!!

Cheryl K Roe said...

I love the matte copper green glaze also. In glass copper green etched is one of my favorites to use in beads.

Anonymous said...

"gee, maybe I should make tiles that look like this!"

Hell yes you should!
As a tile maker I'm jealous.

indium said...

so nice blog...

learn chinese said...

I love the sounds of these scents! The candles look beautiful!. ~Val