Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Extra update

I have spent the past few days updating my Extra shop with dozens of new hearts, toggle rings and some new etched copper pieces. I am especially fond of these new antique key pieces. They would work so well in a Victorian inspired piece or even a steampunk look.

This tiny little crown makes me happy as well. It's just so cute! And perfect for the Princess (or Queen) in your life. :)

You might have noticed that there are no holes drilled in any of these pieces. I have decided to let the buyer tell me where they want holes drilled and how many they want. I think it makes these pieces much more versatile. So get your imagination working and think of all the ways these little gems can be used! :)


Cherry Tart Design said...

These are really great! There are so many different things they could be used for! Very pretty.

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Love these ! Beautiful work !

Round Rabbit said...

Thanks so much, guys! :)

Silver Parrot said...

These links are pretty and so unusual!