Wednesday, July 13, 2011

EXTRA shop update TOMORROW (that would be Thursday)

Porcelain jewelry components

There will be an Extra shop update tomorrow, Thursday, starting at noon EST.
First up are these large pendants which I have used in a my own jewelry for quite a while. It's consistently a good seller; always an eye-catcher.

Porcelain jewelry components

These big rings will be sold in matching pairs. They would make some really cool, hoopy earrings or great rings to hang a cluster of beads from.

porcelain jewelry components

Fun, posy squares!

Porcelain jewelry components

These are my Piccadilly links that I made from a mold I made using a button I bought in London a while back with Lorelei. Still one of my favorite designs and it brings back some great memories of shopping like fools for buttons, ribbon and pretty much anything else we could think of. These links will be sold in matching pairs.

porcelain jewelry components

I made these face shards some time ago and always wanted to make them again. So here they are! They are very classical and ancient looking and I think the face adds a little unexpected element to a piece of jewelry.

Red and Teal porcelain jewelry components

I wanted to share my latest color combination obsession - red and teal. I love it! Expect to see a lot of pieces in this combo....beating a dead horse is one of my all-time favorite activities. ;)

Don't forget TOMORROW, Thursday, starting at noon EST....Extra shop update!! And to see the pieces as the go up be sure to follow on Facebook. Hope to see you there! :)


Andrew Thornton said...

I call dibs on the teal face shard with the crackle effect!

Lorelei Eurto said...

ahh they are all beautiful! And I too have such fond memories of London too! We need to take a road trip soon. OH YEA! we are going to BEAD FEST!! :)

sasha and max said...

gorgeous as always Ms Nancy,love the teal red combo- hope Max cat wakes me in time to get some of the goodies! Vicki :)

Malin de Koning said...

Teal and red! I also love it. So much looking forward to you doing more of that combo. Just look at that round one peaking up in the lower right corner of the bottom picture. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Cool combo - teal and red! Darn, I missed out on the Rococo style pendant in the rustic dark brown! Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I want some of those, but it is Friday and nothing shows up on the Extra Shop?????

Round Rabbit said...

Hey Marcy,

So sorry, but this update was last week and everything sold. I'll have another one next week so stay tuned!


Charm Bracelets said...

Love your creations.What excellent detailing and precision in the buttons.I think this is an awesome job.