Monday, March 21, 2011

EXTRA Shop Preview - Update Wednesday!


This will be short and to the point. I've had one doozie of a headache all day so I am a woman of few words tonight. I'll just show you some pretty things, tell you that I am having an Extra shop update on WEDNESDAY at noon, and then I will go to bed. :)

Up top are those gorgeous HUGE focal pieces I showed you a few days ago. They came out perfectly. I am so pleased! I may have to keep one for myself...


These are medium sized connectors. Very Art Deco and highly detailed.


This batch is a bunch of pretty pendants. Love the detail!


The return of the owls!! Trust me, THIS really will be the last time I make these. :)


These cute little connectors will be sold in sets.


And finally, this is my own (from my own jewelry line) Yesterday's Bird in a pendant/connector. This is one of my best selling designs in my own jewelry so I am sure it will certainly be a hit in yours!

OK, bed time for me. Remember, the update will be at noon EST on WEDNESDAY in the Extra shop. Hope to see you there!


For My Sweet Daughter said...

Hope you feel better soon Nancy.
I am so sad I will be without internet on Wednesday I would love a teal and purple owl. I will have to try and find a way because I want them SO bad. There is no internet at the salon. :-(

Shannon C

Janet said...

You do make beautiful focals! The Owls wow they will fly fast out of your Shop! I hope you are getting better too. xx

Jessica H. said...

Eeeee! :-) Hope you're feeling better, thanks for the sneak peak!

Amy Nicole said...

I absolutely MUST get an owl for my owl loving daughter. Her birthday is next week! See you at high noon.... :)

Malin de Koning said...

I see things I looooove there!
My goodness!
I have to be tight though.

Kathleen said...


Maria said...

Count on me too for wednesday's update!
I hope everyone gets the chance to grab one (or two) of the lovely owls and the rest of the pieces :)

Anonymous said...

Am I too late?

Round Rabbit said...

No, it starts today at noon! :)

Marie Cramp said...

Ouch! These are so awesome my pocket book is in pain already!! lol

Mags said...

I'm so happy to have purchased some pendants, but, sadly I did not manage to get any owl, bu-huu :-(
But, boy, was it exciting!!

Maria said...

I am a bit sad cause I couldn't get what I wanted...That was way too many of us :(

Andrew Wales said...

Nice blog and nice art! Very impressive.

Round Rabbit said...

Thanks Andrew!