Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Drawing redo!

It just occurred to me that I never heard from my drawing winner. Oh my! So, I decided to break up the lot into 4 groups of 7 and I drew four new names.

High Desert Dvia
Judy Richards
Jen Vecc

Congratulations! Just send your address to naneliz2@yahoo.com and I will pop those in the mail toot sweet! :)


Fab Fibers said...

What? Wait! I don't see my name up there! Wah!
Congrats you lucky girls.

High Desert Diva said...

Hot damn!!!

Erin said...

Ah! Dang! I had another chance and I still didn't win! Boo Whoo!

Lorelei said...

WHAT!!??! OMG! How did I get so lucky! YAY!
Thank you Nancy for having such a cool giveaway! I look forward to your future blog giveaways!

LLYYNN said...

I was resigned to the loss, then lose again. I never win anything ... sigh. Maybe next time (fingers crossed) because this was a good one!

Jen Vecc said...

i just saw that I won - do i still win ??

-jen vecc