Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanks Gaea!

It was another happy mail day for me! Yay! Last week the wonderful ceramic bead and pendant maker, Gaea, announced a random drawing in her blog and by some miracle I WON! I don't think I have ever won a random drawing before so I was tickled pink, especially since the prize was for one of her adorable new squirrel pendants. Well, when I opened the package today I was tickled BEYOND pink (possibly all the way to fuchsia) when I saw that she so generously included the sweetest lop bunny pendant I have ever seen. To borrow a phrase from my friend, Andrew, I am a smitten kitten! I plan on making some special pieces for myself with these beautiful little works of art. Thanks so much, Gaea!

To see more of Gaea's amazing work (that she does allllll by herself!) please be sure to visit her website and her Etsy shop. :)


Gaea said...

Thanks, Nancy! That bun-bun practically jumped in the bag all by herself! Us gals-who-wear-all-the-hat's have to stick together! Enjoy!

Round Rabbit said...

Amen to that! Thanks again! :)

High Desert Diva said...