Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do you have a shovel?

If so, would you please come over and dig me out? This little part of the world had about 10 inches of snow dumped on it yesterday and last night. Some people look at this kind of weather and smile. I am looking at it right now, not smiling, wishing that my neighbor with the snowblower would show me some kindness. The fact that I am working on my second migraine of the season doesn't help matters either. Ugh...

Anyhoo, the above photo is the corner right up the street from my house. That big building is the local bookstore. The photo below is of the Susquehanna River right across the street from me. Believe it or not just a few years ago this river flooded the entire town of Owego. The water was level with that bridge you see in the photo and it covered the area that I stood in to take the picture. Somehow my home was spared but that was not the case for all of my neighbors.

Anyway, back to the snow. And my dead car battery. And my headache. And, I think, to bed.


Patricia said...

Snow is the norm in our area and we're way ahead of schedule for it this year. It just doesn't stop.

If I was there and knew you, I would definitely help you out with the shoveling, or send over my teenage son to do it. He's nice that way. ;-)

I hope you feel better!!!

Fab Fibers said...

I think we sent that snow your way, and I got some bad news for you, but another round is on its way. Every year moving to a warmer climate looks better and better. But my daughter has snow in Las Vegas, not just in the mountains either. Global warming I don't think so. Just curl up in a dark room and drink some tea, cuddle the bunnies till you feel better.

Lorelei said...

I love that bookstore. It's fun to go to and snoop around. It's so cool to see photos of places I've been on your blog. ha!
One of these days I'll make it to your house.
We'll be in town the weekend after Christmas. Maybe we could get together for breakfast or something.

High Desert Diva said...

Hope the migraine goes the way of the dodo.

Sorry about all the snow. For something so pretty, it sure can be a pain.

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Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, you have a cute little town. I don't think I could abide by the snow. I'd help you, but honestly I haven't even left the house myself.

If you ever decide, "Oh heck I'm done with this!" You can come down and stay in Brooklyn. There's snow, but not like that kind of snow.