Friday, November 28, 2008

Making the day...

SPOILER ALERT! To those who are participating in the trade with Andrew Thornton - you may not want to read any further if you have not received your package yet. I don't want to take away some of the surprise for you so LOOK AWAY if you don't want to blow it. :)


Today I came home to the most wonderful little package. It was a package full of splendid goodies from artist, Andrew Thornton. Last week he announced on his blog that he wanted to do a trade for his incredible ACEOs. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to respond and I secured myself a coveted spot. (yay me!)

There is something quite marvelous about receiving surprise goodies in the mail. And when those goodies come from someone I only know via his art and writing they take on a magical quality. The fact that a total stranger could put together such a thoughtful and inspiring collection of things warms my heart on this very cold and extra Black Friday. After spending the day out in the world of commerce, seeing the less attractive side of humanity it was a saving grace to come home to Andrew's gift of tea, music and art. Thank you so much, Andrew!

(This little painting is just incredible. And the likeness to me and my hair first thing in the morning is uncanny!)


Lorelei said...

I shouldn't have looked but I did and I'm so excited to get home from Connecticut now!!
I'll have to come up with something good for the trade.
I am loving that mug!! can i get a set of those babies!!??

Round Rabbit said...

Oh no, you weren't supposed to look!! Oh well, you will still be surprised and thrilled, I am sure. :) I had a lot of fun putting together a package to send back. It will be so fun to see what he gets from everyone.

That is a great mug, isn't it? My friend (and teacher) Maryanne made it and I snagged it today at our studio sale. She makes the best mugs!

Lorelei said...

no way, as soon as you said YOu may not want to look, I'm immediately drawn to look. can't even help it.
Very nice mug!!
we'll have to talk next time I see you and things have calmed down after the holidays. I need some pottery- pasta bowls to be exact. Too low for soup but high enough sides for pasta.
or maybe you can point me in the right direction for something like that? although I'd really like something pottery related from you.

Round Rabbit said...

I can work on a pasta bowl for you, no problem. I am very anxious to work on some larger pieces after the holidays. Anything bigger than a quarter. :)

Lorelei said...

awesome! I was thinking like a set of 4- smaller than say serving dishes, but big enough for a single serving.
well, we'll talk about it later on. maybe we can do a trade or something.
hey you still wanna do a collaboration?

Round Rabbit said...

Yes, on everything. :)

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Nancy! I'm so happy that I could brighten your day a bit! It brightened my day too! I like the idea of artistic exchange. Anyway, thanks for participating!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

How fun! I love getting great packages in the mail :)
I will have to keep trades in mind after the holidays...looks like a blast!