Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tools and torches...

Isn't this the coolest looking torch you have ever seen? OK, perhaps not, but I am pretty over the moon for my new Blazer Stingray. I've been torch shopping for a while now and after reading a zillion reviews I decided on this model. The fact that it comes in this gorgeous aqua blue color didn't hurt either. You might as well look ultra hip while you ignite your hair on fire and melt your eyebrows off. ;)
I found a pretty good deal on Ebay and you can too if you click right here. This seller ships super fast so there is no need to pace the floors while you wait for your torch to arrive. It also comes in black if you want to match your goth decor and nail polish.

Around 17 years ago (I'm old) I purchased my first set of jewelry pilers from Sears (last photo). At that time there weren't many craft shops around and certainly no internet so a hardware store was the most logical place to purchase pliers. I spent about $5 a pair and got four styles. The quality was excellent and I have used those tools ever since. A few weeks ago I decided to head on over to Sears to check out what they have to offer in the way of pilers these days. I grabbed this set of five mini pilers in a snazzy leather carry case for about $25. Once I got the set home I looked them over and came to the conclusion that Craftsman's quality has really taken a dive. My original pilers were made in France, very sturdy and incredibly well made. The new set is made in China, has ugly plastic handles and much shoddier construction. So what's good about them? Well, they work just fine and they are better quality than other tools of a comparable price. I guess that Craftsman at its worst is still better than the economy pilers you can get at Michaels. The best thing about them is that they are Craftsman tools which all come with a lifetime guarantee.

I use the new set now and then but I prefer my old ones. Until the day comes when I feel like splurging on a gorgeous set of Wubbers I will stick with the old Craftsman. :)


Anonymous said...

I agree that your new torch is SEXY! And please, don't start your hair on fire!

Patricia (aka-Crazyforclay on Flickr)

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Oh that torch has get up and go!