Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 in 1

This past weekend I introduced some new designs at the Syracuse Ceramic Guild's pottery fair. One of them is this new line of earrings that I have been keeping under wraps for a little while. There is something exciting about introducing a new line at a show, even though very few people are actually aware or even care about such things.

Anyhoo, I am very excited about this new line of changeable earrings. I call them 4 in 1 because one pair can be worn four different ways. Very clever title, I know.

They feature two porcelain disks that hang on my own handforged sterling silver earwires. Wear the disks together, separately or just wear the earwires alone - no matter how you mix them they look super cool and you will no doubt be the most super cool person on the planet for wearing them! (This is a scientific fact!)

The 4 in 1's are now available in my Esty shop with many more colors to follow.


Erin said...

These are great! Really cool!

Round Rabbit said...

Thanks Erin!


Fabulous earrings!! :0)

High Desert Diva said...

NICE idea!

jeweledrabbit said...

Fantastic idea. I love them.