Monday, March 3, 2008


It's day five of my fast and all is going pretty well. I had my first real bout of cravings today as I made my way to the studio. I do a lot of eating at the studio and the association between clay and food is a strong one for me. As I drove up Riverside Dr. I could smell and taste the potato chips I was longing for. Then reality gave me a smack in my mind's eye and I looked at my bottle of water with a sigh. "They" say that the worst cravings are during the first three days of the fast but for me they get stronger towards to the end. The first time I fasted I spent hours online looking up chunky blue cheese dressing recipes and imagining myself slathering it all over hot dogs on a grilled garlic bun. Thankfully, at this very moment, that doesn't sound even slightly appealing. Just give me a few more days...

So what do these little green men above have to do with anything? Not much, they are just some new pieces that came out of a recent firing. They are Egyptian funerary figurines called Ushabti and they are supposed to do manual labor for those who possess them (usually someone dead). So far they haven't lifted a finger. However, they look pretty cool in a pile so I am going to make more so I can have an even bigger pile. I'll be all set for the afterlife. :)

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