Friday, March 28, 2008

Ring around the blackberry brandy

Yesterday I woke up sick for what feels like the 50th time within the past few months. I can go years without catching anything and then it seems I can't go weeks without catching everything. The great thing about being sick is that I get to sleep whenever I want. The other great thing about being sick is that I can drink blackberry brandy whenever I want and claim that it is for medicinal purposes. At this very moment I am sipping my brandy and thinking about going back to sleep.

Being sick, however, doesn't mean that I am being a total slacker. OK, so I haven't done any dishes (nothing new) and I haven't cleaned up after myself (also nothing new) but I have managed to work on some new porcelain rings. I have been mulling this design over in my head for a while and finally decided to just do it. I hand-built them a few days ago and today they were dry enough for me to do a little sanding and refining. Hopefully they will be bisque fired this weekend and I can get around to glazing them right away. Once I have fleshed an idea out I am very impatient to see the finished product.

Time for more sleep. And possibly more brandy. :)


Lorelei said...

One of these babies have my name all over it!

Hope you feel better soon!
Coming down to your neck of the woods this weekend. My sister is the lead in the musical at Spencer VanEtten High School. :)

~Stella said...

The rings are beautiful, can't wait to see what they look like glazed. Have fun with the blackberry brandy!

jonamacpro said...

Feel better Sis! We've all had it too. We have a bottle of blackberry brandy in the cupboard - maybe I should try that! We have already gone through a couple bottles of NyQuil.

modernemama said...

I love those rings, can't wait to see them finished

Brooke Medlin said...

Oh, wow! Can't wait to see the finished product.