Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fast as you can...

I am in the third day of a fast. Have no fear, it's not a completely going without any food just water and nothing else kind of fast - well, not entirely. It a detoxifying fast, otherwise know as The Master Cleanse, and I drink a lemon juice/maple syrup/cayenne pepper/water mixture in place of food for at least 10 days. Sounds excellent, eh? Actually, it is. I did this fast several years ago and it was wonderful. I have tired to do it since then and it hasn't been so wonderful. It is hard to focus on fasting when the person you live with seems to eat a zillion times a day and will willingly make midnight donut runs at my request (one of the things about him I love the most!). In fact, we tired to fast together once and got as far as lunch. Paul was in such agony over having missed breakfast that I thought it better to try again another time - by myself. Since then I have heard him on several occasions telling people about the terrible time he had "that time I fasted."

That boy cracks me up. :)

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