Friday, October 14, 2016

New quilted bags & a podcast!

Happy Friday everyone! 

I put a few larger sized zip bags in my shop today! These are great knitting project bags or just simply a great bag to toss a whole bunch of awesome stuff into. 

They can be found HERE! 

And episode 6 of the Round Rabbit Podcast is now on YouTube! I talk about all kinds of crafty things from vintage sewing machines to my latest knitting project. 

You can watch it HERE! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Quilted Bags and a Podcast!

Hi there everyone! Hope September is going swimmingly for one and all! 

My quilted zip bag obsession continues and this week I made a smaller coin purse version. (shown above)

I've put them and a whole bunch of new notions pouches in the shop. 

Shop for them HERE! 

Episode number 4 of the Round Rabbit Podcast is up on YouTube! 

You can watch it HERE!

Friday, September 23, 2016

New Quilted Bags and a Podcast!

Happy Autumn everyone! I, for one, am thrilled that Summer has come to an end. Cooler weather is more my speed so HURRY UP cool weather and get here! 

I've been having a ball making these fun quilted zip pouches this past week! It all started when I made myself one to use as a sewing and knitting notions pouch.

 As you can see I made a few more and I have just placed them in the shop. 

You can find them HERE!

I've also just put up episode 3 of the Round Rabbit Podcast. I talk a bit about loom knitting and my adventures making my new quilted bags. Please check it out if you get the chance! 

You can see it HERE

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shop SALE! Woohoo!!

I'm having a shop-wide sale this week! Use coupon code SEPTEMBER20 at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order! This sale applies to everything including all jewelry, fabric cuffs, shawl pins and pin cushions. 

Episode 2 of the Round Rabbit Podcast is live! Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback on my first episode! Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you like it and leave comments if there is anything you would like to hear me talk about. 

Watch the podcast HERE.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Introducing the Round Rabbit Podcast!

Hello everyone! 
Exciting news here in Round Rabbit Land! 
I have just started a new podcast! It's a podcast about knitting, sewing, ceramics and many other crafty endeavors. If you fancy listening to me ramble on a bit about fun things please do check it out HERE
If you enjoy it please be sure to subscribe to my channel (and if you manage to get to the end you will learn about a giveaway that I am hosting). 


Friday, September 2, 2016

I'm cleaning out the studio!

I'm getting ready to move my studio so that means it is time to clean things out! I will be destashing a lot of my personal collection over the next few weeks and I am starting with these large, lovely porcelain cabochons. This is just the first batch, there will be more going up next week. They are one-of-a-kind and feature glazes that I will never be able to replicate. 

You can find them HERE.

These are just a few of what I have to offer. Find more in the shop HERE.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New things in the shop!

 I've put some new things in the SHOP

Shown above are some fun, retro mushroom necklaces.

I'm having lots of fun making these scrappy charm bracelets from the hundreds of pieces I've been hoarding over the past 10 years. This one is in the shop and can be found HERE. And I will be making more this week. 

Though it isn't Halloween just yet it is never too early to bring out Headless Marie! I have more in the works but this one can be found in the shop HERE

I've also placed more earrings in the shop. This is just one of the lovely pairs that can be found HERE

All these things and any more can be found in the SHOP! Be sure to stop by and check them out. :)