Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Extra shop update FRIDAY, April 26th!


The day: FRIDAY, April 26th, 2013
The start time: 12:00 PM EST
Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
Last year I made beads similar to the ones shown above for the Bead and Button Bead Dreams competition. I won first place in the handmade category and promised to make some to have for sale. Well, that didn't happen right away, obviously, but I have finally made good on that promise. There are only six and the reason for this is that they are very time consuming and I get antsy sometimes and have to take a break. If there is enough interest I will make more. 
They are BIG, double sided and hollow.


I'm very excited about these funky buttons! As many of you know I love to glaze. I love color and I love the juxtaposition of different colors next to each other. A great glaze job is the difference between an OK piece and an amazing piece, so I believe that you have to truly love it (and understand it) to get those incredible results. Anyhoo, I had a blast glazing these buttons! It gave me a chance to combine colors and textures that don't often get a chance to play together. I will certainly be playing around with this look again.


Here are some lovely printed pendants. 


I had a little extra time, for once, so I made a necklace using one of the printed pendants. I kept it very simple with a Chinese bead hanging from the bottom. The whole piece hangs from a very, very long chain which I accented with some vintage white glass beads. 


Another thing I love making is my double sided beads. It's been over two years since I first figured out how to make them (original blog post here) and I remember being ridiculously excited about it. I still love to make them and I consider them one of my signature beads. This is a pin cushion style. Very fun and colorful!


Last up I have some floral tear drop pendants. They have four holes in total to give you some interesting design options. 


This is a pendant I made with one of them. I continued the tear drop theme by using some purple stone beads strung on sterling silver head pins that I made. I topped it off with one of my double sided beads. I think putting this pendant on a nice silver neck ring will be the perfect way to complete this necklace. :)

To recap: 

The day: FRIDAY, April 26th, 2013
The start time: 12:00 PM EST
Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
Hope to see you all there! 

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Lorelei Eurto said...

it is so refreshing to see you posting pics of jewelry again! I hope you continue to do that, and come back to regular blogging! I miss you!