Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Extra Shop Update FRIDAY, March 29th!


The day: FRIDAY, March 29th, 2013

The start time: 12:00 PM EST

Watch the action on Facebook: HERE
  First, a question! Have you all noticed that I have introduced a lot of new glazes to the mix lately? I really try hard to keep things fresh and colorful. My question to you is, is there a color or color combination that you would really like to see? Be specific! Tell me your thoughts.

OK, first up in this batch are some new printed pendants (above). Simple, round... a great focal for an exotic look.

I'm really excited about these beads. They are hollow (which means lightweight) AND reversible. A few weeks ago I came across a tutorial that someone had pined on Pinterest. I clicked on it and it lead me here, to Claire Maunsell's blog. For those who don't know, Claire is an exceptional polymer clay artist. I have long admired her work and her artistic eye. And on top of it all she is an wonderful, generous person. When I contacted her to ask if she would mind if I gave her technique a try in porcelain she was more than agreeable and gracious. So this is my twist on her hollow stacked beads.

They have a different design and color on each side so that you can change the look of the piece simply by turning it around. One side has a nautilus pattern and the other has a gingko.


I did an interesting distressed glaze effect on the sides which really highlights the stacked construction of the beads. I have to say, they feel delicious. Very smooth and satin. Pure yummy! Some of them have a hole that goes top to bottom while other have a top heavy hole so that it will hang across the bead. Lost of design options.


These fun stars are going to come in sets of five. They are unglazed, pure white porcelain which I tumbled for hours to give them a smooth, wonderful feel.


Pretty layered pendants! I never get tired of making layered pendants.


 Another batch of buttons to brighten your day! Most birds (a larger size this time) and some pretty Spring flowers.

To recap:

The day: FRIDAY, March 29th, 2013

The start time: 12:00 PM EST

Watch the action on Facebook: HERE

Hope to see you there! :)


Gaea said...


Catherine Etter said...

WANT. ALL. NEED. ALL.............

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Helaine said...

I've been very lucky to snag many of these wonderful pieces. I am obsessed with the buttons. I keep promising myself I won't buy so much, but I can't help myself. Loving the new buttons and those gorgeous round glazed pieces with the vintage look. I am very into orange, turquoise, Chartreuse and purple shades. Actually one of my favorite things is to coordinate colors. I knit and design some of my own stuff. So I can see these buttons on many things. Actually I prefer to make a gorgeous amazing necklace with the buttons. Hope I catch some on Friday.

Work Of Our Hands said...

Oh my it's all so delicious ! Are the round ones screen printed? They are just amazing !

Pretty Things said...

WOO HOO! I wasn't too late to snag one!