Thursday, January 5, 2012

Earring love

A very cold me in my studio

Hi there. Here I am. Freezing in my studio. It's cold here in NY. Due to the rather large nature of my house and the fact that it costs me a small fortune to heat, I keep my studio a little on the cold side. Usually I can handle it and keep myself warm with a pot of tea and a few space heaters, but these past few days have been just a little too cold. So, I'm whining. Forgive me.

Cathedral Windows - Porcelain Earrings

In other news...I've been making a lot of earrings. I love to make earrings. This pair is very long (2 1/2") and very elegant.

Starry Night Porcelain Earrings

Starry Night, baby! Few people know this about me but I have a collection of van Gogh's Starry Night paintings. And by collection I mean I have about 18 hand painted versions of the original - some are fantastic, others look like they were painted by a blind 3 year old. One of these days I will hang them all up and take a picture. In the meantime I have made these earrings! (and just wait until you see the Starry Night components I have made for my next Extra update!...)

Modern Relic - Porcelain earrings

I call this pair Modern Relics. They look old and rusty and feature a layering technique that I've been working on.

Victorian Acanthus - Porcelain Earrings

This acanthus design is one of my old favorites. This time I put them on my new favorite long ear wire design. It's amazing how you can breathe new life into something by making a simple change...

Porcelain Earrings - Cottage Medallions

Lastly I will share with you this colorful pair. Yellow porcelain and contrasting poppy red...delish!

All of these earrings can be found in my shop! :)

Tune in tomorrow when I will post a preview of my next Extra shop update (which will take place on Monday, the 9th at noon).


Unknown said...

You're definately right about the cold, I don't even think it got up to 10 yesterday, brr!! And your earrings are fabulous! The Starry night ones, LOVE! I also have a collection of Starry Night stuff :-) I think the colors on the red ones though are my favorite, what a fabulous combo. Sort of reminds me of a warm sunset.

Beads2Die4 said...

All so very lovely. I like the artchitectural nature of them

kristibasket said...

Love that poppy red and your new rusty look...any glaze that looks really natural with little shine and a lot of rust look is like eye candy to me! Beautiful!!

Millie @ ammjewelry said...

What beauties! Love them all!

TesoriTrovati said...

Love the Starry Night inspiration, Miss Nancy. And so glad to see that you are back at it! Enjoy the day.