Monday, August 15, 2011

Extra shop update Wednesday August 17th!

Porcelain jewelry components

The more I work with this technique, the more I love love LOVE it! I warned you that I would be making a lot in this style, and I am keeping my word.

Porcelain jewelry components

See what I mean? I can't stop. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Every time I sit down to make new pieces, those pieces spark an idea for the next batch, and so on, and so on... It's a vicious, crazy, wonderful cycle of creative mayhem!

Porcelain jewelry components

I was calling these pieces shell drops, but they look more like almonds, don't you think? Especially the ones that have the rusty glaze on them.

Porcelain jewelry components

These are rather large focals that will surely make a fabulous statement piece. I can see multiple strands of beads draping around it, looking very Titanic/dramatic.

Porcelain jewelry components

Lastly, I made these very ornate pendants. They are good medium size so they won't be overbearing in a design. Just pretty. And that's what we all want. Right?

The update will start at noon on Wednesday the 17th right here, in my shop and you can watch the pieces as they are listed right here, on Facebook. :)


Shyme said...

Such beautiful pieces! I really love your new tecnique!! Lovely!!

Franee said...

You are wonderful at your designs! I especially adore the first picture pieces! So detailed and beautiful!

BUBAart biżuteria autorska said...

Beautiful:) Piękne, zupełnie wyjątkowe:)

Gigi said...

Your pieces kinda make me whimper just a little bit when I first see them. Not something I'm very proud of. Meanwhile I hope I don't miss this "mad dash" this time.